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List of Torpedo Launcher Modules of Europe

List of Torpedo Launcher Modules of Europe

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link=Ship: ShipConfig Rate of Fire
Torpedo Tubes Reload Time
180° Turn Time
Maximum Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Research price
Purchase price
( Credits)
Torped M1913Tátrastock2307.24,200558 06,000
Torped M1913Romulusstock1.5407.24,200558 020,000
Torped M1913 mod 1Klas Hornstock1.1557.26,200608 050,000
Torped M1913 mod 1Visbystock1597.26,200608 0100,000
Torped M1929Visbytop1.1557.26,200658 3,000320,000
Torped M1929Västeråsstock1597.26,200658 0200,000
Torped M1924 mod 1Västeråstop1597.27,5336510 7,000560,000
Torped M1924 mod 1Skånestock1597.27,5336510 0400,000
Torped M1943Skånetop1597.27,5337612 14,0001,000,000
Torped M1943Ölandstock1597.27,5337612 0600,000
Torped M1943 mod 1Ölandtop0.9707.210,7007612 20,0001,800,000
Torped M1943 mod 1Östergötlandstock0.61007.210,7007612 01,000,000
Torped M1947Östergötlandtop0.61007.210,7008613.5 30,0002,200,000
Torped M1947 mod 1Hallandstock0.61007.210,7008615 02,000,000
Mark 10Błyskawicastock0.9707.214,400578 00
Torped M1943Orkanstock0.9707.210,7007612 00
Torped M1943 mod 1Smålandstock0.61007.210,7007612 00