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Main Battery Reload Booster Data

Main Battery Reload Booster Data

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Available only to French premium battleship Jean Bart, this consumable halves the reload speed on a ship's main battery for 30 seconds. The consumable allows players to speed up the reloading of their main battery a little bit to be able to fire a knockout salvo at the enemy in critical situations.

This consumable's effect runs continuously: if it is started or ended while a reload is in progress, the reload bonus will be prorated for the length of time spent under the consumable's effect. In order to maximize the bonus, captains should fire just before activating the consumable, and it is not necessary to time the end of its duration so that it lines up with a reload.

Consumable_PCY021_ArtilleryBooster.png Consumable_PCY022_ArtilleryBoosterPremium.png
Cost: Free Cost: 15 Doubloons OR 22,500 Credits
Class or Ship Tier Nation(s) Main Battery Reload Speed Cooldown Charges Cooldown Charges
Jean Bart IX Wows_flag_France.png 30 seconds 120 seconds 2 80 seconds 3