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Main Battery Reload Booster Data

Main Battery Reload Booster Data

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Available to French cruisers and destroyers from tier VI and up,[1] this consumable reduces the reload time of a ship's main battery for a short period.

Main Battery Reload Booster's effect runs continuously: if it is started or ended while a reload is in progress, the reload bonus is applied for the length of time spent under the consumable's effect. In order to maximize the bonus, captains should fire just before activating the consumable. It is not necessary to time the end of its duration so that it lines up with a reload.

For example, for tier VIII cruiser Charles Martel with 11 seconds reload:

  • if Main Battery Reload Booster is activated when the reload timer is 8 seconds, the reload timer immediately halves to 4 seconds.
  • if the player fires his guns when the Booster is active, the reload timer resets to 5.5 seconds instead of 11.
  • if the consumable deactivates when there is 3 seconds left on the reload timer (because it was halved during the activation of the Booster), the timer doubles to 6 seconds.

Ship Tier Nation(s) Reload Time Reduction Duration (seconds) Cooldown (seconds) Charges
BBs Jean Bart
IX, X Wows_flag_France.png -50% 20 120 4
DD Siroco V Wows_flag_France.png -50% 15 120 4
except Aigle and Marceau[1]
VI - X Wows_flag_France.png -50% 15 100 4
except De Grasse[1]
VI - VIII Wows_flag_France.png -50% 15 120 4
Cruisers IX - X Wows_flag_France.png -50% 15 80 4

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Premium French cruiser De Grasse and premium French destroyers Aigle and Marceau do not have access to this consumable.