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Most of the Naval Academy videos are out of date to some degree. A few have been removed. Those that remain still offer some good context, but for up to date information, see the cited wiki articles and the much more recent How It Works videos..


Greetings Naval Cadets,

Welcome to Naval Academy Online. Here, you will learn the basics of how to masterfully command your warship in order prove successful in battle. Learn about the basics, such as Navigation, Combat, Ship Classes, and Battle types. These introductory lessons will provide you with the basic knowledge-in-hand to continue your further training and study. On this solid foundation you will develop combat skills that will let you to take the helm of the combat and and dominate the high seas. Train well Cadets, and fair seas.

Tip: When you are watching a video on YouTube, you can click on the ...-menu and "Open transcript" to read the text of the video. You can then jump to a point in the video by clicking on a piece of text in the transcript.

The Basics of Control

Lesson 1: Navigation Course

Learn about the basics of controlling your ship and making it back to the port in one piece. Topics include: basic movement, while also introducing the concepts of inertia, turning radius and directional stability.

This video is still good. However, there are a number of other Controls in World of Warships. See the article here.

See also Maneuvering for a little more info, and a correction: it is possible to lock the rudder in position.

Lesson 2: Artillery

Learn about the second most important tool on any warship: its primary artillery.

This video contains some outdated information, notably about shell types, and lacks information on anti-aircraft fire.

See also Gunnery and Aiming.

Lesson 3: Torpedoes

Learn how to successfully utilize one of the most powerful armaments in-game: Torpedoes.

For more information on Torpedoes, go to the article here.

Lesson 4: Aircraft Control

Go over the basics on how to control and maneuver aircraft while playing an aircraft carrier.

This Naval Academy video is outdated. See Aircraft and the below video.

Lesson 5: Aircraft Types

Learn about the 4 different types of aircraft in-game, and how to utilize each type to your advantage.

This Naval Academy video is out of date. For information on Aircraft Types, see the above video article and the article on Aircraft.

Lesson 6: Port

Learn about the form and functionality of the most important screens in the game, as well as your second home.

This video is seriously out of date. The Port interface has undergone considerable change. However, the basic functionality remains largely the same. For more timely information, please see the Port article.

Ship Classes

Lessons 7 and 8: Cruisers

Part one focuses on the US cruiser line; Part two on IJN cruisers.

These lessons are somewhat dated since the USN line has been re-organized and split between heavy and light cruisers with some ships changed as a result, and there are now cruisers of many nations in the game.

For more information on Cruisers, go to the article here.

Lesson 9: Battleships

Introductory lesson on the Queens of the Seas, the big an imposing Battleships.

For more information on Battleships, see the Main article here.

Lesson 10: Aircraft Carriers

Learn about the weapon that revolutionized naval combat: Aircraft Carriers.

This Naval Academy video is out of date. Carriers are even tiers only now, with the ability to launch and control only one squadron at a time. This is still worth a watch, but see especially New Carriers Gameplay for updates.

For more information on Aircraft Carriers, see the article here.

Lesson 11: Destroyers

Learn about the smallest, yet deadliest, class of ships in-game: Destroyers.

For more information on Destroyers, go to the Main article here.

The Basics of Combat

Lesson 12: Modes of Battle

Learn about the different game modes World of Warships offer, and what to expect.

For more information on the different Game Modes, go to the article here.

Lesson 13: Armor

Armour is the bread-and-butter of ship defense. Learn about the basics organization of armor and how to exploit it to your advantage.

For more information on Armor characteristics, go to the Main article on Armor Penetration.

Lesson 15: Types of Shells

Gunnery is not only about the weapons installed on your ship, its also about what comes out of the muzzles. Learn about the basics of shells in order to fully utilize their strengths in combat.

The Naval Academy video is out of date. For the latest on shells, see here.

Lesson 16: Ranked Battles

Learn more about the details of Ranked Battles and how they differ from other game types.

For more information on Ranked Battles, go the Main article on Game Modes.

Lesson 17: Clan Battles

Learn more about Clan Battles and how they differ from other game types.

The Naval Academy video is out of date. Please see the section in Game Modes and the Clan Battles article.

In addition, there is a newer mode, Clan Brawls or Brawls that was introduced with Update 0.8.5 and has evolved considerably since then. See the latest News article on Brawls, e.g. here.


Lesson 14: Graphics Settings

Understand the different graphics parameters, and what they control, in order to play World of Warships comfortably.

The Game Economy

How to stay solvent - and maybe even get rich.

Economy Pt.1 XP and Credits

Basic XP Ship XP and Credits Credits earnings from in-game actions.

For more data, see particularly Base_Earnings.

Economy Pt.2 Expenses

Service cost, ammunition cost, camo and signals cost. Going broke. Decreasing service cost.

1:46 There no longer premium versions of consumables. All consumables are free.

Economy Pt.3 Credit and XP Modifiers

Bonuses from winning, signals, camouflage, clan base, premium time. How CXP and FXP are calculated.

See also some tasty maths.