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Other Mechanics

Other Mechanics

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Cyclones occur by chance in certain maps, and affect spotting mechanics.

Thunderstorm Front

Damage Saturation

Damage Saturation occurs when a ship has taken excessive damage to a specific module. When saturated, a module is no longer capable of taking damage exceeding 10% of the shell's listed alpha damage.


Detonation is the destruction of a ship caused by ignition of the ship's magazine modules. Aircraft Carriers are the only class of ship that can not be detonated. "Detonation" may occur from HE shells, AP shells, torpedos, or by aircraft projectiles.


Ramming is a collision with another ship which results in damage or destruction.

Secondary Armament

A ship's Secondary Armament automatically engages enemy ships that are within firing range.

Smoke Screens

Smoke Screens are used to break line-of-sight and remain undetected. Smoke screen's are a quick way to get out of trouble, but are vulnerable to radar consumable, and hydroacoustic search consumable when within range of the ship that activated.

Research Bureau

In the Research Bureau page of the Armory, Research PointsResearch Points can be exchanged for unique ships, unique upgrades, and other items. Research Points are earned primarily by resetting and regrinding lines of tech tree ships.


During and immediately after a battle, other players may be complimented or reported for their battle performance or conduct. In a team list, right-click on the player to see the available options.

  • A player's Karma is calculated as the difference between the number of compliments and reports received, and may not be less than zero.
  • Karma is displayed alongside the player's nickname in the Player Menu of the Port.
  • It is prohibited to compliment and report players within the same Division.
  • If a player is complimented or reported, a system message appears after a battle. A message for reports will be displayed only if the player has been reported by at least two others. The message for compliments or reports will show the number of people who did so without specifying their nicknames. The message is retained for the duration of the session in Notifications.
  • Reports for "Misbehaviour in chat" by multiple players can be used to levy chat sanctions.[1]

Your Karma level determines your daily limits on reports and compliments. It has no other known effect.

Karma Level Limit on reports and compliments
0 - 19 7 reports and 7 compliments
20 - 49 8 reports and 8 compliments
50 - 79 9 reports and 9 compliments
80 - 109 10 reports and 10 compliments
> 110 11 reports and 11 compliments


Karma System introduced
Modifications to Karma System
Unsportsmanlike Conduct Prevention System (not believed to be linked to Karma)
hateboat's Guide to Karma

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    See also On Wargaming automoderation tools.