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?{{ShipData|Ship=+#REDIRECT [[Ship:St. Louis]]]
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?|InTheGame_performance=More pocket battleship than cruiser, new players and experienced hands alike will enjoy this ship's insane firepower but dislike it's slow top speed. Aim to get just inside the maximum range of your guns then turn sideways on the target then broadside them with six side guns and two turret guns. Spam HE shells - with the fast fire rate and and large number of shells they are effective against all opponents and even at long range you are likely to hit with some. When fighting enemy battleships "rake" them - try to fire at the front, centre and back sections in turn to maximise your chances of knocking out their turrets and setting multiple fires. Watch out for enemy torpedoes as you don't have the best maneuverability. Save your repair ability for fire/flooding/engine/steering hits - you have so many turrets that losing one barely affects your shell output until it's auto-repaired. The St. Louis is one of the few cruisers that can take on a equal Tier battleship on relatively even terms (especially the underpowered South Carolina class).+
? +
?'''Early Research'''+
?*Get the hull upgrade first - this boosts all of your stats. +
?*Next get the upgraded guns - the turn rate is pretty much irrelevant but the rate of fire increase is very handy. +
?*Lastly get the improved fire control system - as it's only a 900m range increase it's not so important.+
?*If you play this ship a lot, consider getting the tier IV commander skill "Advanced Firing Training" - this boosts your firing range by 2.08km, a nasty surprise for ships hoping to outrange your normal 10.4km max.+
? +
?* Practically made out of guns. Incredibly heavily armed for tier & class, fully upgraded has fourteen 152mm primary and eighteen 76mm secondary guns. Losing a turret barely affects damage output.+
?* Fully upgraded has nearly 30,000 hp, nearly 12,000 more than the Tier 3 Japanese cruiser, the ''Tenryu'' and almost as much as a fully upgraded Tier III US ''South Carolina'' battleship. Your armour profile also makes you a difficult target for enemy battleships - their HE shells are unlikely to penetrate your armour, reducing their damage but their AP shells are likely to over-penetrate your armour again reducing their damage (unless they hit you directly in the bow or stern). +
?* Combine the number of guns with a high fire rate makes it very likely to cause fires and critical hits even when the enemy is fruitlessly attempting to evade - hilarity and rage ensues+
?* New player friendly, doesn't require the player to master torpedo tactics to play effectively. +
?* Side mounted guns mean you can switch targets from one side to another very quickly without reloading or waiting for turrets to traverse. Also, despite a slow rudder shift time, turning radius is very good.+
?* Decent turn rate despite poor rudder shift.+
? +
?* Low top speed, just 22 knots with slow acceleration. Rather slow rudder shift time.+
?* Side mounted guns means only a maximum of eight out of the fourteen primary guns can be used on a single target when broadside, and even fewer when facing directly ahead or rearward.+
?* Very poor AA ability, only eight low calibre machine guns. Don't expect to shoot anything down.+
?* No torpedoes unlike Japanese equivalent.+
? +
? +
?The St. Louis class cruiser were a group of three protected cruisers used by the United States Navy at the beginning of the 20th century.+
?File:USS St Louis C-20.jpeg{{!}}USS St. Louis (C-20)+
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