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Des Moines

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Des Moines

19800000 Credits.png Cost
50600 Hit Points
33 kt Max Speed
8.6 s Rudder Shift Time
770 m Turn Radius
-1 - -1 mm Hull Armor
-1 - -1 mm Citadel Armor
-1 - -1 mm Deck Armor
-1 - -1 mm Extremities Armor
Primary Armament
Secondary Armament
Recon Squadrons
7.9 km Aerial Detection Range
13.9 km Surface Detection Range
Des Moines
Des Moines
One of the best heavy cruisers in the world. The ship was designed using the experience gained in World War II, resulting in excellent protection and very powerful AA armament. The key distinctive feature of cruisers of this type was auto-loading main guns that had a very high rate of fire.

This cruiser design featured auto-loading main guns that provided a higher rate of fire. The Des Moines-class warships were developed from experience gained in close-range night battles, where it became clear that the 203 mm guns of the U.S. Navy cruisers had an insufficient rate of fire. The cruisers were based on the Oregon City class. A total of five ships were laid down. However, because of the end of World War II, only three ships were completed. Salem, a cruiser of this class, was converted into a museum.

The Des Moines-class Cruiser is a Tier 10 ship and marks the end of the U.S.A. cruiser Tech Tree.


Cost, artilleryShotspeed artilleryRotationtime artilleryDamagehe artilleryDamageap
203 mm/55 RF Mk.16 in a turret 2000000 10.9 30 2800 5000

Cost, health planesAmount artilleryNumbarrels atbaNumbarrels aaNumbarrels
Des Moines (A) 2900000 50600 0 3 2 2/1.0

Cost, suoMaxdist suoIncreasedistpercent
Mk10 mod. 1 1800000 15.8 0

Cost, mobilityMaxspeed
Propulsion: 120,000 hp 1600000 33

Compatible Equipment

[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM006_MainGun_Mod_II_bffc35efc4e090487fd6110a10a2be1f5d51b7918303f724194817e698055412.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM006_MainGun_Mod_II.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM012_SecondaryGun_Mod_II_c87da07dc4aebb94da59f3df3f8c2934279decb9677334a1a7e4b1f1c9f9ad04.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM012_SecondaryGun_Mod_II.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM013_MainGun_Mod_III_c6e20a5a027888820aca2cd031ba5959d38bc828202d8066ece4030712df8bd8.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM013_MainGun_Mod_III.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM015_FireControl_Mod_II_5ca921f0d2091adf28b41b6ba5c580a6f18367edbeabab0d0e7c8ad486971ab9.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM015_FireControl_Mod_II.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM018_AirDefense_Mod_III_d3f357c6dc4e5e627a86e17a16432cb38da32bb1b7999b4a7852371491511770.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM018_AirDefense_Mod_III.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM020_DamageControl_Mod_I_bbc708467bc8f1e6264ac88fb8999ea40660e4b0b94b59ab7b3f1a8b60539ed8.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM020_DamageControl_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM023_DamageControl_Mod_II_3c6aea0c5bccc94f1d8f1fa52662232afa007d784638ce6e981c8ad3457c63fa.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM023_DamageControl_Mod_II.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM024_Engine_Mod_II_4b4f4c217cf5cf580f47ccbbf76ecede110c5143055c55ab45a82d19e87423fb.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM024_Engine_Mod_II.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM025_SteeringGear_Mod_II_523c86ce4c7d228e73ee3d2cb406f4d78a205aa2453fec45b0925dec519bf7c5.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM025_SteeringGear_Mod_II.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM026_LookoutStation_Mod_I_9bdab08af77f5c612cec2a357353f7b60d37118aaab4763721dd53230f68943b.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM026_LookoutStation_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM027_ConcealmentMeasures_Mod_I_bda1386ab237032301b6273e655a1998de5bfb50e2c8e59124c8a93d73093f0a.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM027_ConcealmentMeasures_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM030_MainWeapon_Mod_I_bb1e79efbcc73dfa03a6dd5ae173566ee691b77e3a6587389d6f7ea07eb03588.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM030_MainWeapon_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM031_SecondaryWeapon_Mod_I_5369d8b071df59a515906433ea1fff10a55841495258bcd04d3365467e61e4af.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM031_SecondaryWeapon_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM032_PowderMagazine_Mod_I_9607d8ec91ddcca4a95443845b888fbd9de4cd81df5a30a199d400657a552017.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM032_PowderMagazine_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM033_Guidance_Mod_I_10c7521afe2d577c42618dd04cf6834f2be78cf6b64503844cf87793a5816484.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM033_Guidance_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM035_SteeringGear_Mod_III_9bbaf379d4027413eb48f3407a4374e40151f55611d71fac0a66d12a5d4e4434.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM035_SteeringGear_Mod_III.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM038_Spotter_Mod_I_a48c7868c3de031f19f93cdfaa1fb007ff202e3269eefa19ac37127870857f7e.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM038_Spotter_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM039_CrashCrew_Mod_I_2ee6c56dba1c1a399eb10c3d68a1d2a723469a8e16442a1d91df0acd14229975.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM039_CrashCrew_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM040_AirDefenseDisp_Mod_I_ad31cbc6e01b6939c7338b15953b73544389846793a572653881d504ccdc1095.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM040_AirDefenseDisp_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM041_SonarSearch_Mod_I_3cda151b218c2e6efc9261e9c20aa8bdf412876e0004fb6d6e5bd8297b3cc559.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM041_SonarSearch_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM042_RLSSearch_Mod_I_ef6060adee17e116f0fafc65678e23f547c272c6302d749858b33739885cdf51.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM042_RLSSearch_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM052_Special_Mod_I_Des_Moines_cae4b7bd894b9ab7a6b91738e03542c9da4c0847771f08d974f8fb67ab00063c.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM052_Special_Mod_I_Des_Moines.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM069_Movement_Mod_I_ca8429dcc45fdad36cdd474a13e5a289d6f7cf27ae32c9f30d42b72b9db493af.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM069_Movement_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM072_AbilityWorktimeBoost_Mod_I_e6323cc6cf2a0c16e8a3a3ca4db0ceaebbdb868447435dbafea6f580b66ff101.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM072_AbilityWorktimeBoost_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]
[[File:wows_{"default": "icon_modernization_PCM074_AuxiliaryArmament_Mod_I_6c88e35c308f597529e7bd744826e39242fdb3a3f0429b0a3b2fb7a219480498.png", "local": "{\"default\": \"gui/modernization_icons/icon_modernization_PCM074_AuxiliaryArmament_Mod_I.png\"}"}|43x43px|link=|]]

Player Opinion


Due to its fast rate of fire at 10 rounds per minute, the Des Moines is the pinnacle of fire support for freindly battleships. with the possibility of 9 203mm shells every 6 seconds the des moines is a force to be reckoned with.

Early Research

This ship is sold in its elite configuration.

Historical Info

Des Moines was launched 27 September 1946 by Bethlehem Steel Company, Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts; sponsored by Mrs. E. T. Meredith, Jr.; and commissioned 16 November 1948, Captain A. D. Chandler in command. She became the first of her class to mount the semi-automatic Mark 16 8 inch turrets and carry the new Sikorsky HO3S-1 utility helicopters in place of seaplanes. It was named after the capital of the state of Iowa.

In a varied operating schedule designed to maintain the readiness of the Navy to meet the constant demands of defense and foreign policy, Des Moines cruised from her home port at Newport, Rhode Island and after 1950, from Norfolk, Virginia on exercises of every type in the Caribbean, along the East Coast, in the Mediterranean Sea, and in North Atlantic waters. Annually between 1949 and 1957 she deployed to the Mediterranean, during the first seven years serving as flagship for the 6th Task Fleet (known as the 6th Fleet from 1950). In 1952, and each year from 1954 to 1957, she carried midshipmen for summer training cruises, crossing to Northern European ports on the first four cruises. She also sailed to Northern Europe on NATO exercises in 1952, 1953, and 1955. On 18 February 1958, she cleared Norfolk for the Mediterranean once more, this time to remain as flagship for the 6th Fleet until July 1961 when was placed out of commission in reserve.

Through her Mediterranean services Des Moines contributed significantly to the success of the 6th Fleet in representing American power and interests in the countries of Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and the Near East. She made this contribution through such activities as her participation in NATO Mediterranean exercises; her call to seldom-visited Rijeka, Yugoslavia, in December 1950 and Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, in May 1960, and to many other ports as a regular feature of her schedule; her cruising in the eastern Atlantic during the wake of the Suez Crisis of 1956; and service on patrol and as control center for American forces in the Lebanon crisis of 1958. Film footage of her cruising with other ships of the United States 6th Fleet was used in the introduction and conclusion of the movie: "John Paul Jones" starring Robert Stack (Warner Brothers-1959).

After decommissioning in 1961 she was mothballed in the South Boston Naval Annex and eventually laid up in the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility at Philadelphia in maintained reserve. In 1981 the United States Congress directed that the Navy conduct a survey to determine if she and sistership USS Salem (CA-139) could be reactivated (in lieu of two Iowa-classs battleships) to support the 600-ship Navy proposed by the Reagan Administration. The study concluded that while both ships would be useful in the active fleet, there was not enough deck space to add the modern weapons fit (Tomahawk cruise missiles, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Phalanx CIWS mounts, radars and communication systems) that the ships would need to operate in a 1980's environment. In addition, the per-ship costs for the reactivations and updates (that were determined feasible) would be close to the costs for an Iowa, for a much less capable ship. Therefore, both ships remained in maintained reserve until they were struck off the reserve list in August 1993. After an attempt to turn her into a museum ship in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, failed (Salem did become a museum ship however), she was sold in 2005, and then towed to Brownsville, Texas, for scrapping. By July 2007, she had been completely broken up. Her status officially changed to "disposed of by scrapping, dismantling" on 16 August 2007. Two of her dual 5"/38 gun mounts were donated to the USS Lexington (CV-16) museum in Corpus Christi, TX, where they can now be seen on display.

Her sister ship USS Newport News (CA-148) was scrapped in New Orleans in 1993. The third Des Moines-class ship, the USS Salem (CA-139), is a museum ship in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Historical Gallery

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