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?{{ShipData|Ship=+#REDIRECT [[Ship:Umikaze]]
? +
?|InTheGame_performance= +
?* Upgraded Torpedoes have a very fast reload speed of 24 seconds and have a large range of 8 KM. +
?* Surface Concealment is 5.6 km. This ship has the best concealment in the game. +
?* Excellent HP when upgraded. Rivals tier 5 destroyer's HPs. +
?* High mobility and speed. +
?* Good match against other similarly tiered ships. Sampson for example has less alpha damage, but faster fire rate.+
? +
?* Very weak armor. +
?* AA guns are flashy like in many destroyers, but are nearly ineffective. +
?* Guns have a short range at 6.7km.+
?* Easily damaged. Rudder and engine damage is common. Torpedo tubes and guns are very fragile as well. +
?* Short ranged stock torpedoes combined with guns that have slow traverse and short range makes a stock Umikaze a suicide vessel. +
? +
?The Umikaze is friendly to new players, having a fast torpedo reload rate, and a gratuitous amount of HP for a destroyer. You may use your guns freely at this tier, but be prepared to hold your fire as you go up in tier as a destroyer. One should contemplate getting the Torpedo Servicing Commander upgrade, which reduces the reload time of torpedoes and torpedo bombers should you transfer him to a carrier. <br />+
?The Umikaze would appear to be a very unbalanced ship, having higher hp than the Sampson, better guns, and torpedoes that can sink the Sampson in one hit. However, it's steering and engines are very, very easily taken out. In that case, drop smoke. Smoke should be conserved for dire situations, but can still be used tactically to help team members escape or ambush the enemy. You can easily lose enemies by breaking smoke while escaping. Evasive maneuvers such as serpentine(movement in an S shaped pattern) will prove effective.+
?<br />+
? +
?|InTheGame_research= +
?It's simple upgrade system will begin with a hull upgrade and then proceed to torpedo upgrade.<br />+
?This ship's main weapons are more comparable to secondaries as torpedoes usually are the main method of attack.<br />+
?<br />+
? +
? +
?海風 ''Umikaze "Seawind"''<br />The Umikaze-class destroyers (海風型駆逐艦 Umikazegata kuchikukan) were a class of two destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. They were the first large destroyers designed for open ocean service to be built in Japan.<br />+
?<br />+
?The Umikaze-class destroyers proved to be largely experimental ships. The use of Parsons steam turbines pushed the design to the limits of capability of contemporary engineering and production technology, and the engines were plagued with maintenance issues, as well as tremendous fuel consumption. In an effort to reduce running expenses and to increase range, the boilers were modified from all heavy oil to two heavy oil and four coal-fired boilers. Even with the modification, the Umikaze vessels were largely retained for coastal patrol duties.<br />+
?<br />+
?The Umikaze ships were rated at first-class destroyers on August 28, 1912, and served to June 1, 1930 when both were converted to minesweepers. Both were subsequently scrapped in 1936.<br />+
?<br />+
?== General Characteristics: == +
? +
?Type: Destroyer<br />+
?Displacement: 1,030 long tons (1,050 t) normal, 1,150 long tons (1,170 t)<br />+
?Length: 94.5 m (310 ft) pp,98.5 m (323 ft)<br />+
?Beam: 8.6 m (28 ft)<br /> +
?Draught: 2.7 m (8.9 ft)<br />+
?Propulsion: 3-shaft Parsons steam turbine, 8 boilers, 20,500 ihp (15,300 kW)<br />+
?Speed: 33 knots (61 km/h)<br />+
?Range: 850 nmi (1,570 km) @ 11 kn (20 km/h)<br /> +
?Complement: 141<br /> +
? +
?Armament: +
? +
?:2 x 120 mm/40 cal guns+
?:5 x 80 mm/40 cal guns +
?:2 x 450 mm torpedoes +
? +
?|HistoricalGallery=File:IJN Yamakaze у Оминато.jpg{{!}}Yamakaze at Ominato, 1926+
?File:Спуск на воду IJN Yamakaze.jpg{{!}}Yamakaze launch at Mitsubishi Nagasaki, 1911+
? +
? +
?|Ref_links= [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umikaze-class_destroyer Umikaze Class Destroyer]+
? +

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