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?{{ShipData|Ship=+#REDIRECT [[Ship:Minekaze]]
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?'''Player Opinion'''+
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?Oftentimes called the "Ninjakaze" due to her suddenly appearing out of nowhere and in conjunction with her appearance the likelihood of torpedo spreads already launched, the Minekaze is a ship reliant mostly on its torpedoes. She is also probably the weakest of the Japanese destroyers. The guns have a very low turn rate of 45 seconds for 180 degrees. However, the torpedoes are your main weapon, skirmishing and infiltrating is what it's best at. It has very weak armor typical of a destroyer so HE will wreck this ship. It is recommended to fire HE from this ship as there is potential for fire and as HE damage is somewhat higher than AP damage with such small artillery. The artillery on this ship should not be used the main cause of damage and should be used sparingly in specific situations. The torpedo spreads on this ship allow the user to decide where 3 pairs of torpedoes should go. This allows the user to save some torpedoes, or launch them in an accurate spread at enemy ships that may turn. A tip for torpedoes is to wait for the enemy ship to be at a broadside and then launch torpedoes directly on the white line and some behind to account for turning. +
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?*Powerful torpedoes that pack a punch. A full salvo can destroy most enemy ships. +
?*Rudder shift time is almost nonexistent.+
?*Excelent torpedo reload time at 47 seconds.+
?*Great torpedo speed at 68 knots, one of the fastest in the game.+
?*Easy to spread out torpedoes with 3 double torpedo tubes configuration.+
?*Faster and more maneuverable than most destroyers up to tier 6.+
? +
?*Fragile like most destroyers.+
?*It only has a 1km window to drop torpedoes without getting spotted.+
?*Easily damaged torpedoes and main guns. +
?*Engines and rudder taken out easily (can be taken out by even a missed shot). +
?*Weak artillery and AA.+
?*Guns are inferior to the American counterpart.+
?*Torpedoes are center mounted unlike American counterpart.+
?*Torpedo range is only 1.5km better than the Nicholas, the american tier V destroyer.+
?*Rate of fire is lower than the tier IV Isokaze which has the same torpedoes with less damage.+
? +
?*Research the B hull first as it provides a small increase in health and maneuverability.+
?*after that one can research the fire control or guns modules however it may be best to just skip right to the next ship.+
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?|History=Construction of the large-sized Minekaze-class (峯風) destroyers was authorized as part of the Imperial Japanese Navy's 8-4 Fleet Program from fiscal 1917–1920, as an accompaniment to the medium sized Momi class with which they shared many common design characteristics. Equipped with powerful engines, these vessels were capable of high speeds and were intended as escorts for the projected Amagi-class battlecruisers, which were ultimately never built.<br />+
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?Two vessels were authorized in fiscal 1917, and an addition five in fiscal 1918. Although none had been completed by the end of World War I, the Japanese Navy decided to continue the project as many older destroyers were in need of replacement. An additional five vessels were ordered in fiscal 1919, and a final three in fiscal 1920. However, the final three vessels were built to a different design and have a different enough silhouette that they can be regarded as a separate sub-class.+
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?The new destroyers were fast and powerful ships that were equal to any of their foreign contemporaries.+
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?== General Characteristics: ==+
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?Type: Destroyer<br />Displacement: 1,345 long tons (1,367 t) normal,1,650 long tons (1,680 t) full load<br />Length: 97.5 m (320 ft) pp, 102.6 m (337 ft) overall<br />Beam: 9 m (30 ft)<br />Draught: 2.9 m (9.5 ft)<br />Propulsion: 2-shaft Mitsubishi-Parsons geared steam turbine, 4 heavy oil-fired boilers 38,500 ihp (28,700 kW)<br />Speed: 39 knots (72 km/h)<br />Range: 3600 nm at 14 knots(6,700 km at 26 km/h)<br />Complement: 148<br />+
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?Armament: +
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?4 × Type 3 120 mm 45 caliber naval gun<br />2 × 7.7mm machine guns<br />6 × 53cm torpedoes<br />20 × mines+
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?|HistoricalGallery=File:Minekaze (1919).jpg{{!}}Minekaze at Yokosuka on August 30, 1932+
?File:Сведения об эсминце, добытые американской разведкой.jpg{{!}}Office of Naval Intelligence recognition drawing of Minekaze class+
?File:IJN Namikaze Taisho stern clipped 300 px.jpg{{!}}Aft view of Namikaze showing revised weapons layout of the Nokaze sub-class, circa 1925+
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?|Ref_links=[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minekaze-class_destroyer Minekaze Class Destroyer]+
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