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 === Armory === === Armory ===
?Clicking the '''[[Ship:Armory|Armory]]''' button will opens the Armory interface, where captains can exchange various [[Ship:Economy#Resources|resources]] for a variety of in-game goods. These include ships, consumables, signal flags, camouflages, and much more.+Clicking the '''[[Ship:Armory|Armory]]''' button opens the Armory interface, where captains can exchange various [[Ship:Economy#Resources|resources]] for a variety of in-game goods. These include ships, consumables, signal flags, camouflages, and much more.
 === Ranks === === Ranks ===

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This article is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Please pardon our dust.

The Port Screen is the main hub for World of Warships, where players research new ships and modules, outfit them with upgrades, camouflage, and signal flags, look at the tech tree for new ships, get new campaign tasks, play daily missions, and more.


The main screen focuses on a ship sitting in the center of the screen, with the various options, tabs, and buttons around the outside edges of the screen. From the top, players can access their player profile, tech tree, see what currencies they have, get to their clan base (or search for a new clan), and most importantly, select a battle type and head out to battle! From the left side, the campaigns, missions, special events, and the premium shop can be accessed. On the right, the stats of the currently selected ship. Finally the bottom is the ship carousel containing all the ships the player owns, the chat interface, and the notifications/battle results tab, as well as the time.

Sample Port Screen

——  A Port Screen  ——  (click here)  
The Port screen, the landing zone of all World of Warships players.

The port screen has several distinct sections for the user to peruse. The items contained within each section are itemized below.

  • Top Bar: Access to the Game Menu, Player Menu, battle controls, and common currencies display and manipulation.
  • Main Bar: Select the main port screen, module menu, exterior customization, the Tech Tree, player profile, or clan interfaces here.
  • Ship Specs: The statistics of the currently selected ship and its commander.
  • Left Column: Events, missions, campaigns, the Armory and Premium shops, container gauge, rewards, shipments, etc. appear here.
  • Ship Carousel: All ships in port, with display and filtering options.
  • Bottom bar (unlabeled) :
    • Chat Interface: The contacts/contact finder window, and personal messages are found along the bottom left of the screen.
    • Clock (unlabeled): The current time, if enabled.
    • Battles and Notifications: Access to battle results and notifications for the current session.

Full details of each item of the Port can be found below.

Top Bar


Listing the components on the Top Bar from left to right:

Game Menu

The Option buttons on the Game Menu screen.

Clicking the gear image in the upper left corner or just pressing <esc> leaves the Port screen and displays the Game Menu.

On the bar along the top of the Game Menu screen, from the left, is displayed:

  • the current game client version,
  • the regional server the account is currently logged into,
  • the total number of players online on that server.

Option buttons

In the center of the page:

  • Disconnect From Server logs out of the current account and returns to the log-in screen; it does not close the game client.
  • Help displays information on ship and aircraft controls, symbols, and other information regarding shell types, consumables, etc.
  • Settings presents options for the game’s visual, auditory, and gameplay features. The settings notebook is divided into 3 tabs:
    • Graphics where a player can adjust the quality of the graphical elements in the game. Higher quality settings are more pleasing to the eye but require more computing power.
    • Audio where a player can adjust the quality and levels of the various sound elements of the game, and set his language or personality preference for in-game voice-overs. Voice chat settings are also found here.
    • Controls allows a player to adjust various UI elements of the game, and to adjust mouse and key bindings.
    • See the Controls article for information about the many options on these tabs.
  • Exit Game logs out and closes the game client.
  • Back to Game closes the Game Menu and returns to the Port screen. Alternatively, pressing <esc> on the keyboard does the same.
  • Video Tutorials presents videos about various game features. These are highly recommended.

Player Insignia

The personal insignia selected by the player. Insignia elements can be acquired in-game. Clicking on the insignia displays the page where it can be modified.

Current Rank

The most recent rank obtained in a Ranked mode, if any.

The Player Menu of some forlorn wiki editor.

Player Menu

From the Port screen, display the Player Menu by clicking on your in-game name on the Top bar. It lists several options:

> The first menu item combines the captain's personal insignia, in-game name, clan (if any), karma score (as a superscript), and rank where applicable.

Clicking on the entry switches to the Service Record page of the Profile section, which primarily displays the current level of this account. (Each increase in level unlocks various game elements or modes.)

> In the Purchase Premium section, a captain can exchange doubloons Doubloons for WarshipsWows_premium_logo.png or WargamingWg_premium_logo.png premium account time.

> The Recruiting Station selection provides in-game access to the Recruiting hub.

> The Inventory page displays every module, upgrade, consumable, camouflage, and signal flag currently in inventory (not mounted on a ship). These can be sold for additional credits. An item's sale price is displayed to the right of its name, along with a Sell button.

> The Captain's Logbook displays items that have been obtained on the account in the context of all available items, including special and premium ships, commanders, permanent camouflages, flags, and patches.

> The News item lets the player access all of the recently published articles from the World of Warships News page while remaining in-game. Unread articles tag the menu item and the player's nickname with a little red reminder icon.

Port selection

Alternative view of Hamburg port.

There are a number of ports in which the currently selected ship can be displayed. Click the name of the current port (with "Select Port" written below it) to open the port selection menu page.

On the port selection screen are various ports to choose from. Select the desired port and press "Save Changes". Some ports are only present for limited time events or under certain conditions. Special events or updates may include a new or customized port; the selected port may automatically change to the new port at the start of the event or update.

Some ports change their look over time.[1] One hour after selection or opening the client, the visuals of the port transform. For example, day succeeds night in "night-lit" ports; Saint Petersburg becomes shrouded in a gloomy mist; and the sun rolls over the horizon and sets for Ocean Port.

Division menu

Divisions allow you to play a match of World of Warships with your friends, clan mates, or even random players that you want to play with multiple times. Divisions for Random Battles are limited to three people, but divisions for Scenario battles can be up to seven people, and Clan Battles require a seven-person division made of clan members.

The Create Division window

To create a division, click the "Create Division" button that is to the left of the Battle! button at the top of the port screen.

The purple is the "Looking to join a Division" option. Captains can select this if they want to advertise themselves for other people to division with. If this option is picked, your username, account level, and clan tag will appear in the "Looking for Division" area (orange).

In the green "Divisions of the Clan" section, divisions that are being hosted by members of your clan will be shown. Clicking on a division will give you a few options, including an option to join the division without an invite. This section is particularly useful for managing the seven person divisions used in Clan and Scenario battle modes.

"My Contacts" (red) displays your contacts list with each player's in-game status. Clicking a name will allow you to invite the player to a division unless the player is offline or currently in battle. Unanswered invitations time out after five minutes.

You can also invite a player a division directly from your Contacts List in the lower-left corner of the port screen, or from a port chat.

The "Looking for Division" (orange) area shows captains who have used the "Looking to join a Division" button in the (purple) area.

Finally, the Search Bar at the bottom (blue) allows you to search by in-game name for players not in your contacts or clan, and invite them to a division.[2]

Battle! Button


With a ship readied and a battle mode selected, entering into a battle is easy; click the big red shiny Battle! button at the top of the port screen.

If the battle mode is incorrect for the ship selected, or the ship is still in battle, or whatever, and it is not legal to enter battle, the button will be a dull darker orange, and nothing will happen when you click it.

Battle Type

Selecting the button to the right of the Battle! button opens the battle type selection screen. Here, a captain chooses what type of battle he wants to enter. When a battle type is selected, the selection screen will either close and the port will reappear with the selected battle type beside the Battle! button, or a new screen will open (for Training or Scenario/Operations).

Battle Type Selection screen

Some battle modes have restrictions. For example the ship tier for Clan Battles, team size for Ranked Sprint, etc. can change from season to season. The selected Scenario may imply a restriction on tier or the nation and type of ship.

The port ship carousel is automatically filtered to display only usable ships when a restricted battle type is selected.

Currency pools


The three main currency pools are displayed in the upper right corner. Note that the texts below the amounts are labels representing the functions accessed by clicking each amount.


Doubloons Doubloons is World of Warships's version of Gold Gold from World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. This premium currency is optional but its many uses can have a large impact on your gaming experience. Click the quantity to purchase doubloons.


Credits Credits is the primary form of currency in World of Warships. Credits buy tech tree ships, premium consumables, modules, upgrades, and commander retraining. The primary source of credits is the earnings from battles. Click the quantity to exchange doubloons for credits.

Free XP

Free Experience Free XP (available from Account Level 5) can unlock any ship or module and has a number of other uses. Click the quantity to convert Elite XP into Free XP using doubloons Doubloons.

Learn more about these currencies on the Economy page.

Main Bar


Port tab

This tab selects the view that first greeted the player upon logging in. The currently selected ship is displayed surrounded by the main out-of-battle game controls.

Port Camera

In the port view, players can use the mouse to spin around the ship currently selected, allowing them to get close ups of the model's various details and armaments. Holding down the right mouse button will let the player change the camera angle. Holding down the left mouse button will get rid of the user interface, giving the player a view of just the ship and the port.

Modules tab

Each ship can mount modules to improve battle performance by improving certain ship functions such as turret rotation (and thus aiming) speed, the efficiency of damage control, the amount of armor on embarked aircraft, etc. The Modules tab displays the modules available to the selected ship and provides the controls to obtain, mount, and demount them.

These modules take three forms: ship modules (upgrades to major ship systems), permanent individual improvements (upgrades), and single-use consumables.

Ship Modules

A DD that needs some ship modules

This is an unlabeled section showing the available ship improvements.[3] Typical ship modules include:

  • upgraded hull with larger health pool and better maneuverability,
  • improved main armament,
  • improved fire control for longer main battery range,
  • more powerful propulsion plant,
  • and for aircraft carriers, better aircraft.

Ship modules require experience points (XP) to research and credits Credits to purchase and mount. Un-researched modules are shown in green. Click on a ship module to obtain and mount it. Although it is rarely done, a ship module can be downgraded. Superseded modules may be sold from the Inventory.

This section also contains the controls for unlocking and purchasing the next ship in the tech tree, if available.

The premium and standard damage control party options

Ship modules are covered in the individual ship pages of this wiki.


Consumables are single-use actions taken to help during battle. For instance, every ship has a Damage Control Party (When activated, instantly repairs fires, floods, and incapacitations, and prevents more for the duration.) that can extinguish a burning fire or stop flooding. A destroyer might use a Smoke Generator (While active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates.) consumable to hide itself for a time. Most consumables have a relatively long 'cooldown' period between uses. All consumables have two versions: default (free) and premium (22,500 Credits). The premium version has a shorter cooldown and more uses (charges).

Higher tier ships allow a larger selection of consumables. Higher tier consumables sometimes offer a choice between types, for instance between Surveillance Radar (While active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, disregarding obstacles such as smoke and terrain.) and Defensive AA Fire (While active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased.). This choice is specific to the ship.

The Ammunition & Consumables section shows the ammunition and consumables currently installed on the ship. Hover the mouse over the consumable (or ammo) to see what it does. Click on it to see options. (There are no in-port options for ammo.) When Ammo & Consumables is selected, a bar appears below the section offering to auto-resupply any premium versions selected. Be aware that for high-tier ships, heavy use of premium consumables can get expensive.

Upgrade Slot 2 options for a high-tier DD

Be sure to check what consumables your ship can mount, and take whatever suits your play style best!


All ships have upgrade options. Upgrades are purchased directly with credits.[4] Upgrades occupy 'upgrade slots', and there are options for each slot. Higher tier ships have more upgrade slots; higher tier upgrades can be quite expensive.

Upgrades are not permanent; each can be demounted to Inventory at the cost of 25 Doubloons, or sold for 1/2 the purchase price. Although upgrades can be expensive, it is highly advised to fill all available upgrade slots.

The upgrades installed on a ship can make a surprising difference in how the ship plays. See the page in this wiki dedicated to the specific ship for upgrade recommendations.

Exterior tab

There are three sub-tabs to the Exterior tab: Camouflage, Signals, and Flags.



With very few exceptions,[5] all ships can mount camouflage. There are many different patterns available. All have small combat bonuses. Many provide significant bonuses to credit and experience income.

Hover over the image of a camo to see what bonuses it offers. Click on it to mount or demount it on the currently selected ship.

There are two types of camouflage: single-use and permanent ("permacamo"). Single-use camo is consumed in battle. Some single-use camo (e.g. Type 5, Type 59) has a purchase price. When a camouflage is mounted, a bar appears below the section offering to automatically resupply the currently mounted camo. Resupplied camo will be drawn from Inventory. If that pattern is exhausted, if will be resupplied for Credits or Doubloons if it can be purchased and that option is enabled.



Signal flags mounted on ships provide bonuses in battle: Combat, Economic, and Special bonuses. Combat bonuses increase a ship's combat capabilities. Economic signals improve the yield of credits or experience earned from a battle. Special signals do much the same, but offer larger bonuses or even multiple substantial bonuses from a single signal.

Hover over the image of a signal to see what it does. Click on it to mount or dismount it on the currently selected ship. A maximum of eight can be mounted.

Signals are consumed in battle. When a signal is mounted, a bar appears below the section offering to automatically resupply the currently selected signals. Resupplied signals will be drawn from Inventory. If Inventory is exhausted, Combat and Special signals will not be resupplied. Economic signals will be resupplied for Doubloons if that option is enabled.


Flags, with a few rare exceptions, are cosmetic-only. By default, one flag[6] can be hoisted per ship in addition to the ship's national flag. Flags are not consumed and the same flag(s) can be hoisted on many ships.

Tech Tree tab

——  A Sample Tech Tree  ——  (click here)  

A tech tree is the ships of a nation organized by type and tier. Higher tier ships are more powerful. A player progresses from lower to higher tiers. The tech trees also show premium ships that can be unlocked for Free XP Free XP then purchased for 1 Credits. [7]

Hover over a ship in the tech tree to see a brief description and the requirements to obtain it. Click on it to pull it into port for further examination.

When a player qualifies for the Research Bureau (five Tier X tech tree ships) additional features will appear in the tech tree.

Profile tab

The Profile tab gathers a number of different pages, detailed below. The page selector is on the left side.

Service Record

The service record page displays the player's current account level and how it relates to the entire progression through the levels. Each account level has a video attached (click Details). Viewing them is entertaining and highly recommended.


A captain can use this page to reflect on notable Achievements received within the game. Most achievements can be earned multiple times. The page also displays unearned achievements and their requirements.


Displays the player's current rank in the current or previous Ranked Battles season.


Main article: Collections


This is a complex page that displays the player's performance by battle type, ship, or overall. The column to the right controls the statistics displayed.

Studying the page can reveal the different aspects of the game and more importantly, can reveal your own performance in those aspects. For instance a low hit rate (30% or less) in Main battery gun accuracy reveals a need to work on your aiming. Note that these are cumulative statistics for your entire game career so the "All warships" statistics can be misleading. Selecting recently acquired ships can give a better idea of the current state of your game performance.

Clans or [clan hack] tab

Main article: Clans

A clan is a group of players who come together with common interests. A clan can provide its members with a number of lucrative benefits.

On the Main Bar, the right-most option is either "Clans" if the player is not in a clan, or the abbreviation of his clan (clan hack) in brackets if he is. See the Clans article for how to find, join, and interact with clans.

Ship Specs

View of the ship statistics panel with some categories expanded.

The Port features an overview of the selected ship's specifications on the right hand side of the screen. One can see ratings assigned to each category, or open the drop down menu for more detailed parameters. The categories include Survivability, Aircraft, Armament, Maneuverability, Concealment, and depending on the ship, also Torpedoes and AA Defense. Hovering the mouse over various items on the sidebar will produce a smaller window displaying additional information about that item. When mounting upgrades and modules, these statistics will change to reflect the ship's new abilities.

Armor Viewer

The Port also features an armor viewer. By clicking on the "Armor Layout" button on the stats sidebar, one can toggle the viewer on and off, as well as select which categories of armor are displayed, allowing the user to remove outer layers in order to see internal armor. This armor model is overlayed on the model of the ship in port, and is accessible on unpurchased or unresearched ships as well.

Left Column


From top to bottom:

Special Events

At certain times, Special Events are hosted.[8] Clicking the button opens a page showing event details, such as special missions; each framed with a quick summary, requirements and associated rewards.

Premium shop

Clicking the Premium Shop button opens an interface similar to the premium shop hosted on the main World of Warships site. The two are not identical. In the premium shop, one can purchase for cash items such as premium account time Premium time, premium ships, doubloons Doubloons, containers, customizations, and more.


Clicking the Armory button opens the Armory interface, where captains can exchange various resources for a variety of in-game goods. These include ships, consumables, signal flags, camouflages, and much more.


Clicking the Ranks button will open up the Ranks page. From here players can see their progress on Ranked games, rewards for reaching a certain rank and other statistics.


Combat Missions

Clicking the combat missions button will open up the missions interface page, with all available missions displayed on the centre of the screen. Note that on the left side, there are three available categories: Events, Challenges, and Combat Missions. Clicking on any of the categories will display the activities pertaining to that theme; seen as a row of info cards. The info cards display a plethora of information: title of the mission, the requirements to fulfil the mission, the restrictions that apply to the mission, the number of times the mission is repeatable, the time length the mission is available, and of course the rewards given once the mission is complete. Once you click on an info card, the ship carousel on the bottom of the page will highlight to display which ships and game modes are eligible, along with a “Battle” button to start a round immediately if the player wishes.


Main article: Campaigns



The screen to access Containers can be accessed by clicking the container banner on the left side of the screen while in Port. The banner displays the current amount of daily experience earned, how much is remaining to earn the next container, and how many containers are available to be opened. When the player clicks the container banner, the camera view will shift to the deck of a nearby transport ship. From here, players can collect and open three daily containers. When collecting a container, players can choose from a selection of containers. Upon choosing, a crane will lower a container onto the deck. The container will burst open when "Open Container" is clicked, and the contents will be rewarded to the player's account. Containers rewarded to the player can be opened from this menu.

Daily Shipments


This button will appear if there are any daily shipments. Daily shipments usually are available with the advent of a new event with an assortment of credits, doubloons, special event containers and camo.

Rewards Collected


The Rewards Collected display can be found on the left side of the Port screen when the player has been rewarded for completing campaign tasks, personal missions, or for earning achievements while in battle. Rewards can be viewed by hovering the mouse cursor over the Rewards Collected button when it appears. Rewards menu will disappear once the player views it. It will only reappear once additional items have been rewarded. These rewards vary depending on what promotions or in-game events are occurring at the time.

Naval Battle


Clicking on the Naval Battle button will open up your clan's progress in naval battles.

Ship Carousel

The carousel filter menu.

Carousel Filter

The carousel filter menu can be accessed from selecting the filter funnel icon located at the top far left of the carousel section. From here, the player will be given seven options, each with their own subcategories, on modifying their search for their desired ship(s). They can also select a combination of filter options for a quick search.

Filtering by USA ships only.
The following seven options for filtering / searching are:
  1. Searching for the ship by entering in the name (must click on the magnifying glass).
  2. Filtering / searching by tier.
  3. Filtering / searching by ship type.
  4. Filtering / searching by nation.
  5. Filtering / searching by elite tech tree type, premium type, suitable for specials, and ships with or without a commander.
  6. Compacting the carousel into a number of desired rows (1-4). NOTE: Ships will be displayed top to bottom first and then left to right.
  7. Displaying the order of ships by nation, tier, type, or most recent battle.

Whilst selecting the filter options, ships not in the scope of the desired filter will be darkened out / dehighlighted like those without commanders, as shown in the following example screenshot on the right.

A list of the possible visual filters.

Ship Visuals Filter

The visual filter menu can be accessed from selecting the two gears icon at the far top right of the carousel section. These are toggle options for whether the player wants to see a ship with its unique visual or not, such as the Arpeggio ships. However, for ships such as the High School Fleet ships, because their unique visuals are also mountable camouflage schemes, they will have their camouflages demounted and hidden from the player.

Chat Interface

Players who are feeling social may take note of the chat interface located to the bottom left of their screen. By clicking on the little orange rectangular 'speech bubble', players can open their contacts list. From here, they can choose to add a player to their contacts by searching for their username, then right-clicking on the user and clicking on "Add to Contacts".Captains can also can send Division invites by choosing "Invite to Division", can send invitations to join a clan and can open a private message with the user with the "Send Message" option.

Private Messages

When you choose to send a direct message to a user or receive a message from another player, a private chat window will appear at the bottom of your screen.

A Chat Channel without any chat

Chat Channels

Chat channels are similar to private messages but can contain more than one member. In order to join a channel, a captain should open their contacts list and navigate to the channels section. From here, they should search the name of the channel and join. If the channel is private, it may prompt the user to enter a password.

On joining a Chat Channel, the currently connected players will be listed to the right side of the chat window. (This is useful in inviting a connected player to a division.)

Clan Messages

Clan Messages is a clan-only Chat Channel. Clan officers are able to modify the clan's "Message of the day".

Battle Reports and Notifications


In the lower right corner of the port screen there is a small button marked with lower-case letter 'i'. Clicking the button opens a notebook containing recent Battle Reports and Notifications. The window is extensible. Some prefer stretching it up to the Ship Specs area.

Battle Reports and Notifications are reset at every log-in.

Battle Reports

Select the Battle Reports tab at the top of the window. The tab lists the battles that the account has played in this session: which ship played it to a Victory, Draw, or Defeat. For Scenarios the number of stars achieved is also displayed.


Hovering the mouse shows some statistics. Double-clicking the entry brings up the full post-battle report.


Select the Notifications tab at the top of the window. This list contains all interactions that add or remove something. This includes Flags, Signals, Camouflage, Consumables, Captains, Containers, Premium time, and also Karma in case you were complimented or reported.


  1. As of Update 0.8.4.
  2. Please be aware that the player search function is notoriously slow and quirky. Patience is recommended
  3. Premium ships already have all ship modules applied.
  4. The few Special Upgrades are purchased in the Armory with Coal, and the rare Unique Upgrades for Tier X ships must be earned.
  5. Exceptions: certain rental ships, temporary ships with skins (e.g. for Halloween), cannot mount camouflage.
  6. There are ways to earn the ability to mount two flags on ships of certain types and nations.
  7. Premium ships available for cash or doubloons can be seen in the Premium Shop or in the Armory.
  8. In the picture, the event is British Heavy Cruisers in Update 0.9.1.