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The Port is the main hub for World of Warships, and is where players research new ships and modules, outfit them with upgrades, camouflage, and signal flags, look at the tech tree for new ships, get new campaign tasks, play daily missions, and more.

The main screen focuses on a ship sitting in the center of the screen, with the various options, tabs, and buttons around the outside edges of the screen. From the top, players can access their player profile, tech tree, see what currencies they have, get to their clan base (or search for a new clan), and most importantly, select a battle type and head out to battle! From the left side, the campaigns, missions, special events, and the premium shop can be accessed. On the right, the stats of the currently selected ship. Finally the bottom is the ship carousel containing all the ships the player owns, the chat interface, and the notifications/battle results tab, as well as the time.

Port Screen Walkthrough

Settings & Info

Main Menu

User Drop-down Menu

Service Record
Invite a Friend

Server Stats

Main Bar


Port Camera




Signal Flags

Tech Tree


Service Record





Free XP

Battle Interface


Battle Type Selector


Ship Stats

Armor Viewer

Port Selection

Left Column

Special Events

Premium shop




Honor to Heroes

Ship Carousel

The carousel filter menu.

Carousel Filter

The carousel filter menu can be accessed from selecting the filter funnel icon located at the top far left of the carousel section. From here, the player will be given seven options, each with their own subcategories, on modifying their search for their desired ship(s). They can also select a combination of filter options for a quick search.

The following seven options for filtering / searching are:

1. Searching for the ship by entering in the name (Must click on the magnifying glass)

2. Filtering / searching by tier

3. Filtering / searching by ship type

4. Filtering / searching by nation

5. Filtering / searching by elite tech tree type, premium type, suitable for specials, and ships with or without a commander

6. Compacting the carousel into a number of desired rows (1-4) NOTE: Ships will be displayed top to bottom first and then left to right

7. And displaying the order of ships by nation, tier, type, or most recent battle

Filtering by USA ships only.

Whilst selecting the filter options, ships not in the scope of the desired filter will be darkened out / dehighlighted like those without commanders, as shown in the following example screenshot on the right.

A list of the possible visual filters.

Ship Visuals Filter

The visual filter menu can be accessed from selecting the two gears icon at the far top right of the carousel section. These are toggle options for whether the player wants to see a ship with its unique visual or not, such as the Arpeggio ships. However, for ships such as the High School Fleet ships, because their unique visuals are also mountable camouflage schemes, they will have their camouflages demounted and hidden from the player.

Chat Interface

Private Messages

Clan Messages

Battle Reports and Notifications