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Recruiting Station

Recruiting Station

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The Recruiting Station Hub

can be located in two places:

Whats in the Recruiting Station


3 different levels of containers - Junior, Seasoned and Veteran
2 choices of purchasing:
Single for yourself - Receive a container for yourself.
A double pack for your Recruit and you - Receive a container for yourself and grant one to one of your recruits.
Different levels of containers hold different rewards.

My Shipmates

A ledger of valid referrals.
Progress bar of how many Recruitment points you've earned for the week.


Provides basic information about the system, click through the 5 bars to see all details.

My Recruitment

Quick links for sending out your recruitment over various platforms.

Inviting a Shipmate

What you need to do:

Retrieve your Invitation link from the "My Recruitment" section of the Recruiting Station Hub
Provide your contact this link. (It should look like: https://warships.us/femennenly for EU: https://warships.net/zg_mmax)

What your contact needs to do:

Go to the provided link.
Accept the invitation by clicking "Accept Invitation" 

Register a new account,
Sign in with an existing account. 
For an existing account to be considered a "Shipmate" it must have one of the following characteristics:
Have never played World of Warships
Or have played less than 15 World of Warships battles in total
Or have played their last World of Warships battle more than 90 days ago

At this point, they have the option to download the game or can launch the game if its already downloaded:


After you have your contact have followed these instructions; you should see the following on your Recruiting Station Hub:


And their name will appear in your "My Shipmate" list

Your Shipmate and You - What Can You Do?

Under the new Recruiting Station you can continue collecting rewards with your Shipmates after their initial recruitment! There are 3 ways for you to gain Recruitment Points, and 1 ways for your shipmate to receive them:


These Recruitment Points can be redeemed for special containers within the reward section, discussed below.

For you, the Recruiter

Shipmate played a battle - 10 Recruitment Points

Shipmate played a battle in a Division with their Recruiter - 18 Recruitment Points (add 8 more for a victory)

Recruiter played a battle in a Division with two Shipmates - 22 Recruitment Points (add 12 more for a victory)

For the Shipmate

Shipmate played a battle in a Division with at least their Recruiter - 5 Recruitment Points (add 5 more for a victory)

It should be noted, that a base number of XP must be earned to receive the Recruitment Point

At least 150 base XP points on a Tier I–V ship.
At least 300 base XP points on a Tier VI–X ship.

Making Progress

As your Shipmate begins to progress with their battles you'll see their "Total Points earned" increase. At the end of the week, you can collect these points as "Recruitment Points" and use them in the rewards section.


All about Rewards!

Recruiting your friends to be Shipmates is the gift that keeps giving! Above we outlined how to earn Recruitment Points, but what can they be used on? Within the "Rewards" Section of the of the Recruiting Station, you'll find 3 different container types and two different ways to purchase them:

Container Types

There are three different containers with different available rewards within them, with the chance to even earn a free premium ship. Junior are the cheapest, with Veteran requiring the most Recruitment points to redeem:







Types of Packs

There are two options when redeeming Recruitment Points for Containers, you can either redeem an individual container for yourself, or redeem a double pack - where one is granted to a Shipmate of your choice. The double pack is slight discounted as well.


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