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Basics of Scenarios

What are they?

Scenarios are a Player vs. Environment (PvE) game mode in which you team up with up to six other players to complete several tasks. Do well and you are rewarded. Do poorly, and you have wasted a lot of time. The emphasis of this game mode is on teamwork in order to complete objectives. The more objectives you complete, the more rewards you earn.

What ships can I take?

Currently, these scenarios allow any Tier V or Tier VI ships. Keep in mind that you typically want to take Tier VI ships if possible, loaded with signal flags and premium consumables.

What can I earn?

Depending on the tasks you complete, you can earn signal flags up to a day of premium time. At the end of each operation, a splash screen will appear to break down your earned rewards. Use this to gauge your success. You can only earn each reward once, however. See the below table for more information.


Specific scenarios

There are currently four scenarios.

Defense of Naval Station Newport

This scenario has the friendly task force defending a base against several waves of attackers.


Main article: Ship:Aegis

This scenario has the friendly task force rescuing captured allied transport ships and escorting them to safety.

Killer Whale

Main article: Ship:Killer Whale

This scenario has the friendly task force raiding an enemy base, then making their escape.

Raptor Rescue