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Ships of Commonwealth

Ships of Commonwealth

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The "Commonwealth of Nations" was born in the early 20th century during the waning years of the British Empire. Officially formed in December 1931 via the Statute of Westminster, the original seven member states were the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and Newfoundland. Today, it is made up of 52 sovereign states that span the globe, and currently includes nations that had no previous political or economic ties to the United Kingdom or the British Empire.

Several of the various nation-states that comprise the Commonwealth deploy their own military forces. Collectively, they are represented in World of Warships under a single flag, but each navy has its own history and traditions.

The Royal Canadian Navy was created on 4 May 1910.

The Royal Australian Navy can trace its origins to the "Commonwealth Naval Forces" that were established on 1 March 1901, a result of the federation of the colonies of Australia. A visit by the U.S. Navy's "Great White Fleet" in 1908 galvanized public support for expansion of locally-based naval forces, and was further driven by German naval building programs that began the following year. Yet it was not until the passage of the Naval Defence Act of 1910 that the collective naval assets of Australia were christened the "Royal Australian Navy" by King George V on 10 July 1911.

The existing New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy was christened Royal New Zealand Navy by King George VI on 1 October 1941.


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