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Spotting Aircraft Data

Spotting Aircraft Data

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Similar to the Catapult Fighter (While active, a group of fighter planes circles the ship providing protection by attacking incoming enemy aircraft.) consumable, the Spotting Aircraft consumable launches a plane from the ship's catapult. However, instead of attacking enemy aircraft, the unarmed Spotting Aircraft increases the range of the ship's main battery by 20% and gives an "aerial" perspective when scoping. Like the Catapult Fighter, it can spot ships if it happens to fly near them. While its duration is shorter and its cooldown longer than the fighter, it does have a larger orbital radius of about 4.25 km, increasing the chance to detect ships.

The aerial perspective may take some getting used to:

  • More vertical lead on the screen is required due to the angle; to make matters worse, many crosshairs are purely horizontal.
  • The auto-tracking feature (if used) tends to drift more than it does for the normal zoom.
  • The view covers a smaller area due to the angle, so careless zooming may end up with no ship on the screen.

On the other hand, the aerial perspective can be quite handy when shooting at ships behind islands, or at tracers coming out of smoke.

The Spotting Aircraft consumable is available on all Tier IX and X cruisers, Russian cruisers Tier VI and above, British cruisers from Tiers V-VIII, Japanese battleships Tier IV and higher, and American battleships Tier VI and higher. Ships with access to catapult-launched aircraft often must choose between equipping either a Catapult Fighter or a Spotting Aircraft.

Consumable_PCY005_Spotter.png Consumable_PCY013_SpotterPremium.png
Cost: Free Cost: 22,500Credits
Class or Ship Nation(s) Duration Cooldown Charges Cooldown Charges
Perth Wows_flag_Commonwealth.png 180 seconds 360 seconds 3 240 seconds 4
Musashi Wows_flag_Japan.png 120 seconds 180 seconds 5 120 seconds 6
Lazo    (data is tentative) Wows_flag_SSSR.png 60 seconds 10 seconds 4 10 seconds 5
all other ships Wows_flag_USA.png Wows_flag_Japan.png Wows_flag_UK.png Wows_flag_Germany.png Wows_flag_France.png Wows_flag_SSSR.png Wows_flag_Italy.png Wows_flag_Commonwealth.png 100 seconds 360 seconds 3 240 seconds 4