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Update 0.1.7

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New Game Mode: “Convoy" It is only possible to launch this game mode in the training room and only during special test sessions. Each team in this mode will include a few convoy ships. The model used is the tanker “Cimarron” and in this version there will be 3 ships. These ships are AI-controlled and will be moving to the opposite side of the map. Ships have several routes which are chosen automatically by the AI. The two convoys have parallel courses and move in opposite directions from the spawn points, each of them on their own half of the map. The goal of this mode is to save your convoy ships and destroy the enemy’s convoy ships Results are decided according to the following: Victory – a friendly convoy ship has reached the destination point first Defeat – an enemy convoy ship has reached the destination point first Draw – both (friendly and enemy) convoy ships reached destination points within a short period of time, similar to cap-win delay in WoT, or they both were destroyed.

Researching: Added the ability to research ships. Added tech trees for all ships Added module research for 10 ships.

Ships Added: IJN Kongo – battleship Tier VI, Japan. Battlecruiser "Congo", received its last major renovations in the mid 30s. Has good vertical armour and has been reclassified as a fast battleship. IJN Hiryu – aircaft carrier Tier VII, Japan. Variant of the "Soryu” but increased in weight to 2,000 tons. Destroyed in the battle of Midway in June 1942. USS Ranger – aircraft carrier Tier VII, USA. The first U.S. aircraft carrier of special build. Due to its huge overload, it was unused in combat operations and operated mainly in Atlantic theatre as a transport and training aircraft carrier. IJN Ibuki - cruiser Tier IX, Japan. Originally built as an enlarged and improved version of the cruiser "Mogami", with full anti-aircraft weapons and 8-inch major caliber guns. In 1943, its remodeling into an aircraft carrier was started but in such a way that "Ibuki" never actually entered into operation. It was scrapped in 1947. USS New York - battleship Tier V, USA. The first American battleship with 14-inch guns. At the time of its entry into service in 1914 it was the strongest battleship in the world. It played an active role in both world wars. It was flooded after the nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll in 1947.

Changes in game balance: Reduced the chance of creating battles with unbalanced teams.

Visibility system: Detection by enemy ships now will be displayed in the 3D-world only if: The enemy has been detected by a ship or spy plane The Enemy has been detected by allies and is within the team’s viewing distance. In other cases, ships will only be shown on the mini-map. The detection of the player by the enemy will be displayed with the “bulb” icon depending on the whether the player was discovered by a plane or ship. The current visibility of ship depends on ship’s status e.g. whether it is firing AA guns, firing MC guns, whether there is a fire on deck etc.

Aircraft: Flight time increased for all squadrons. Fuel now runs out. Squadrons can be controlled by the player only when they have fuel but when fuel runs out the planes will crash into the ocean. Significantly reduced altitude of all squadrons. Reduced by a third, the flight preparation times for all squadrons Increased accuracy of bombarding (depending on the side of the approaching enemy ship) and, at the same, reduced the bomb damage.

Firing: Added the ability to switch off AA guns with “P” Reduced MC accuracy of battle ship Damage dealt by destroyers is reduced Removed the increase of aiming area at cursor offset

Maps Added Prototype map for “Convoy" game mode.

Changes: Fixed collision models Improved HDR. Fixed small errors on mini-maps On “Two Brothers” map, added additional island to help with game balance.

Graphics Changes: Re-worked post effects system. Improved visualisation of HDR and Bloom effects. Fixed errors, causing the deformation of some objects.

Sound Added: New sound engine New sound themes New sound effects and messages Improvement of voice messages and other sounds Contusion/Shell shock effect added. Added gulls sound in the dock before the battle Comprehensive sound effects in camera from 1st point view and far camera Sound effect of switching to the menu in battle.

Changes and fixes: Filtration of voice messages Dynamic changes to in-game sound mix Sound changes depending on distance Sound of flying aircrafts now only while on the main deck Interface sounds Sounds of ships differs depending on cameras. Dynamic reverberation You can soften or switch off sound by using ALT+Tab

Interface Researching: Added additional bookmark “Researching” to the dock where you can now research ships and add modules for them. Camera: New camera algorithm for all types of armament except aviation. New view and behaviour for scope (dynamic indicators for near and far limits of shooting, changes to scope type when switching to far camera) Ability to choose old or new camera styles in ‘settings’ Other changes: New design for “carousel” ship list and tooltips Interface changes in training rooms (convoy support) Added possibility to choose camera settings (v.2/v.3) in personal settings Indicator of squadron fuel divided into two parts – before the returning point and after the returning point Landing indicator colour matches the colour of fuel bar after point of no return

Additional Changes and fixes: Reduced possibility of losing connection with server due to low game-client performance Optimised work of game logic scripts