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Update 0.10.5

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Developer Bulletin 153 16.05.2021
News article

Captains! As we roll out the update, the server will be unavailable:
from: Wed. June 16 3:00 AM PT / Wed. Mar. 17 5:00 AM Central
until: Wed. June 16 6:00 AM PT / Wed. Mar. 17 8:00 AM Central.

Disappearing ships

When Update 0.10.5 goes live, VI Erich Loewenhardt, VII Nelson, VI T-61, VII Haida, VII Z-39, VIII Asashio, VIII Lenin, and VI Admiral Graf Spee will cease to be available.

Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

German Destroyers ● Grand Battle ● U.S. Independence Day ● Changes to the Game Mechanics ● Recruitment Points ● Interface Changes ● Daily Shipments ● Armory ● Content Additions and Changes ● Other Changes and Improvements

  • A new branch of German destroyers is now live and ready to be researched!
  • Prepare to fight in the Grand Battle — a new temporary battle type that sets super battleships on their path to dominating our seas! You'll also get to try out the new "adjustment firing" game mechanic when you head into battle at the helms of these vast floating fortresses.
  • The rocket-launching mechanics of all attack aircraft have evolved.
  • Damage can no longer be inflicted to allied ships! Rest assured, your ships are now safe (when it comes to friendly fire from your allies, at least)! Reckless teammates can no longer damage or destroy you.
  • Recruitment Points are being reworked and will re-emerge as a more versatile resource named "Community Tokens."
  • Prepare your bids for a new auction dedicated to the U.S. Independence Day, and get ready for some combat mission groups that offer VII Colorado, clad in her Independence Day permanent camouflage, as the ultimate reward!

German Destroyers

When Update 0.10.5 goes live, German destroyers VII Z-31, VIII Gustav-Julius Maerker, IX Felix Schultz, and X Elbing will join our ranks as researchable ships.

Features of the branch

  • Accurate 150 mm main battery guns — a large caliber for destroyers.
  • Powerful AP shells with good penetration and damage-dealing characteristics, as well as enhanced ricochet angles. Deploy them in battle to bring the pain to cruisers!
  • Their solid HP pools and decent armor protection can shield them from the HE shells of most destroyers (unless an enemy Commander has mastered the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill). Combined with their effective artillery, this results in special game play for the new German destroyers. They are essentially agile ships that primarily focus on lone targets — light cruisers especially.
  • Due to the low damage-per-minute stats of their HE shells and the destroyers' high detectability, these new ships aren't cut out for fighting for control of Key Areas (caps).
  • The Smoke Generator consumable boosts their already good survivability even farther. Starting from Tier IX, German destroyers come equipped with the Defensive AA Fire consumable — a valuable asset that will allow you to counter hostile aircraft with greater confidence.
  • Torpedoes with a standard reload time for most destroyers, good damage, and an excellent reach, but also a rather low speed.

Grand battle

Update 0.10.5 brings a new temporary battle type — the Grand Battle. Its main feature comes in the form of super battleships. The destruction of legendary battleship Yamato by aircraft carriers presaged the domination of deck aviation in naval warfare. Super battleships are the ships that might have existed if shipbuilding had moved toward the development of main batteries as the primary decisive factor of battle.

Two super battleships will be available to you in the Grand Battle:

  • Satsuma is a project based on X Yamato with reinforced primary armament—510 mm guns in four twin-gun turrets.
  • Hannover is a Project "H-42" design with 483 mm guns placed in four twin-gun turrets and her secondary battery replaced with 128 mm dual-purpose artillery.

Key rules

  • The battle format is 9 vs. 9 with Tier IX–X ships, including super battleships.
  • Restrictions: no more than three super battleships per team.
  • You'll receive Satsuma and Hannover as rental ships as soon as Update 0.10.5 goes live.
  • To enter a battle at the helm of a super battleship, you'll need a new temporary resource — Intelligence Reports. You can earn them by participating in the Grand Battle playing Tier IX and X ships. You'll also be given some when you first log in to the game each day after Update 0.10.5 hits the servers.
  • You'll be granted access to some special combat missions. Their rewards include Dazzling expendable camouflages, a commemorative flag, and the Grand Battle patch.

Adjustment fire

When playing the super battleships, you can try out a new game mechanic — adjustment fire. Each turret salvo that hits the target your guns are locked on to, or lands near it, fills the adjustment fire meter. As soon as the meter is filled, special combat instructions temporarily enhance the super battleships' characteristics. Satsuma's main battery gets an accuracy bonus; Hannover's secondary battery gets bonuses applied to its range, accuracy, and reload time.

The adjustment fire bonuses can be activated an unlimited number of times in a single battle. If your ship ceases firing for a certain amount of time, the progress of the adjustment fire meter gradually resets.

The new mechanic allows you to reinforce your ship right in the heat of battle, but you'll need to plan your actions and positioning in advance to use this feature to maximum effect. We hope it will make the game play more interesting and diverse!

More details about the Grand Battle's rules and rewards will come in a dedicated article on our website. Stay tuned!

U.S. Independence Day

In celebration of the American Independence Day [July 4 - ed.], the game will feature a set of dedicated combat mission groups and a new auction.

Summer Battles

Update 0.10.5 unlocks access to four themed combat mission groups called "Summer Battles." Completing them will bring you Dazzling and "Stars 'n' Stripes" expendable camouflages, as well as signal flags. Once you're done with the third group, you'll get VII Colorado, a Port slot, and a 6-skill-point Commander. The fourth group will bring you the Independence Day permanent camouflage for Colorado.

If VII Colorado is already berthed in your Port, you'll receive 9,000,000 Credits as compensation. Detailed information on the mission completion criteria can be found in the game client.

Independence Day auction

Auction key rules

  • Each auction consists of the following stages:
  • An auction lot is announced with details of its starting price and the number of possible bid winners.
  • The auction begins and bids can be placed.
  • The results of the auction are summed up; bids are no longer accepted.
  • The auction winners receive their rewards, while the other Auction participants receive their bids back.
  • You can change your bid amount at any time, as long as bidding for that lot is still available.
  • The number of lots is limited. The highest bids win.
  • Players will only be notified about the starting bid for a lot and the number of possible winners.
  • Depending on the lot, you can use various in-game resources for your bid.
  • Once the results are calculated, the highest bids win. If there are several bids of the same amount, the earliest-placed bid wins. In this situation, the time when the bid was last changed is taken into account.
  • It's a risk-free adventure! Any bids that don't win will be returned to the bidders when the auction closes.

Starts: Fri. Jul. 02 5:00 AM PT / Fri. Jul. 02 7:00 AM Central
Ends: Mon. Jul. 05 5:00 AM PT / Mon. Jul. 05 7:00 AM Central


  • U.S. Commander Theodor "Trouble" Murphy with 14 skill points, plus 20 Rising camouflages
  • Sharks permanent camouflage for X Worcester
  • Eagles permanent camouflage for X Worcester
  • 100,000 Coal
  • X Somers commemorative flag

Auctions are cross-server — players on all World of Warships regions (CIS, EU, NA, and ASIA) compete with each other for the same lots, so the final number of winners is shared between the four servers.

We'll share more details on the starting bids and numbers of winners closer to the starting date of the auction. Stay tuned for more news on our website!

Changes to the Game Mechanics

Friendly fire is now disabled

In Update 0.10.5, we're disabling the ability to cause damage to allies (friendly fire) in all battle types. This change will have a positive effect on game play—your teammates will no longer be able to damage or destroy your ship. Main changes

You can no longer damage or destroy allied ships, disable their modules, or cause detonation Ramming won't cause any damage to allied ships either.
At the same time, all armament types can still hit allied ships. This means that you still won't be able to launch torpedoes at an enemy through an allied ship.
Camera effects that indicate incoming damage won't be active for a ship that gets hit by allied shells or torpedoes.
The warning about incoming allied torpedoes has also been removed, as they can no longer inflict damage.

Friendly fire penalty

While it's now impossible to damage allied ships, friendly fire is still tracked by the unsporting conduct penalty system. Any players who fire at teammates deliberately can expect to be penalized. This kind of behavior interferes with other Captains' experience of the game and doesn't contribute toward the success of the team.

A warning for unsporting conduct will now be issued for a certain number of hits on allied ships in one battle:
40 hits or more on one ally.
50 hits or more on several allies.
Hits on allied ships with any armament type, except for secondary battery hits, are counted.
If you receive a warning in a battle, any Credits or XP earned in that battle will be forfeit as a penalty. However, provided that you don't break the rules in your next battles, any resources you earn in those battles will be credited to you as usual.
An issued warning also triggers a friendly fire penalty. Damage will be inflicted to the perpetrator's ship each time they open fire at allies. The exact amount of inflicted damage depends on the perpetrator's current HP and grows with each new hit on an allied ship.

More details about the unsporting conduct penalty system will be available in a dedicated article.

Attack aircraft: evolved mechanics

We've reworked the rocket-launching mechanics for attack aircraft in Update 0.10.5.

These planes will now fire small-caliber machine guns prior to firing rockets, and the duration of an attack run is now longer.
The machine guns don't inflict damage to ships—their function is to show the exact spot where the rockets are going to hit.
Once the machine guns open fire, you won't be able to adjust the flight path of your attack aircraft. However, your attack aircraft also become immune to AA fire at that point.
Apart from the rocket-launching mechanics, we've also changed the aiming settings, the time it takes to prepare for an attack run, and other attack aircraft characteristics. The attack aircraft of VIII Saipan, VIII Sanzang, VIII Lexington (F4U-1D Corsair Tiny Tim), X Midway (F8F Bearcat Tiny Tim), VIII Graf Zeppelin, and VIII Graf Zeppelin B will now climb high at the start of an attack run.

Information about rocket hit zones, together with the prolonged attack time and fixed aiming reticle position, will allow Captains of agile ships—destroyers, primarily—to reduce the chances of taking rocket damage by making evasive maneuvers.

The evolved rocket-launching mechanics are being applied to the attack aircraft of all carriers.

Machine gun action time

Japan Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s) IV Hōshō A4N 3.8 VI Ryūjō A5M Claude (stock) 3.8 A6M2 Zero (researchable) 3.8 VIII Shōkaku A6M5 Zero (stock) 3.9 N1K2-J Shiden Kai (researchable) 3.9 VIII Kaga, VIII Kaga B A6M5 Zero 3.9 X Hakuryū A7M Reppū (stock) 4 A8M Rikufū (researchable) 4 U.S.A. Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s) IV Langley F3F Gulfhawk 3.3 VI Ranger F2A Buffalo (stock) 3.3 F4F Wildcat (researchable) 3.6 VIII Lexington F6F Hellcat (stock) 3.4 F4U-1D Corsair HVAR 127 mm (researchable) 3.4 F4U-1D Corsair Tiny Tim (researchable) 4.9 VIII Enterprise F6F Hellcat 3.4 X Midway F4U Corsair (stock) 3.5 F8F Bearcat HVAR 127 mm (researchable) 3.5 F8F Bearcat Tiny Tim (researchable) 5 VIII Saipan, VIII Sanzang F8F Bearcat Tiny Tim 5 X Franklin D. Roosevelt TB2D Skypirate 5 Great Britain Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s) IV Hermes Sea Gladiator 2.8 VI Furious, VI Ark Royal Skua (stock) 2.9 VI Furious Sea Hurricane (researchable) 2.9 VI Ark Royal Skua 2.9 VIII Implacable Firefly (stock) 2.9 Seafire (researchable) 2.9 VIII Indomitable de Havilland Sea Hornet 2.9 X Audacious Firebrand (stock) 3 Wyvern (researchable) 3 Germany Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s) IV Rhein Ar 68 1.5 VI Weser Ar197 (stock) 1.5 Bf 109E (researchable) 1.5 VIII August von Parseval Bf 109T (stock) 1.5 VIII August von Parseval Bf 109G (researchable) 1.5 VI Erich Loewenhardt Bf 109T 1.5 VIII Graf Zeppelin, VIII Graf Zeppelin B Me 155A 3.9 X Manfred von Richthofen Fw 109A8 (stock) 1.5 Me 155G (researchable) 1.5

Recruitment Points

Recruitment Points are getting updated with the release of Update 0.10.5. They will become a more versatile resource that can be earned by participating in various activities and exchanged for various rewards.

Recruitment Points have been renamed Community Tokens.
These Tokens can also be earned outside of the Recruiting Station program. Watch official World of Warships streams and participate in Public Tests, as well as regional and global activities, to earn more Community Tokens, then spend them on some awesome rewards!
The following rewards will be added to the special category of the Armory: III Katori, Premium Ship V and Premium Ship VII containers, permanent and expendable camouflages, commemorative flags, and much more!

Interface Changes

The display of upgrades in the Equipment tab has been updated.

A full list of available upgrades, including special and legendary ones, is now shown in each slot.
While browsing the Equipment tab of the Port, you can now click through to purchase special or unique upgrades from the Armory.
A button that will take you back to the Equipment tab has been added to the purchase status pop-up window.
Upgrade sorting has been updated: regular upgrades are displayed first, then special and legendary upgrades.

Changed the animation and display of how ribbons and achievements are received in battle. Changed the size of icons of earned achievements. They are now displayed separately from ribbons in the top-right corner.

The Netherlands

Added a new nation - the Netherlands. The test Dutch cruisers will be moved to this tech tree with the release of update 0.10.6, along with IX Friesland.

Updated Recruitment Points

Recruitment points have been updated. They will become a more universal resource, which can be earned by participating in a variety of activities and exchanged for precious and unique rewards.

  • Recruitment points are renamed Community Tokens.
  • Tokens can be obtained not only in the Recruiting station referral program, but also on the Public Test server, for watching the official World of Warships streams and during various regional and global activities.
  • Community Tokens can be spent on various in-game items in the Armory.

New content

Added "Red Fox" permanent camouflage for Plymouth, "Independence Day" for Colorado and Constellation, and "Maple Leaf" for Yukon.

Added 12 soccer-themed patches.

Added emblems for clan and super testing participants.

Added flag "Battleship Yamato".

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