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Balance changes


· Reduced rotation speed of open gun mounts (without shields or turret)

· Reduced reload of open mount 120 mm main caliber gun

· Reduced recharge time of “Emergency Crew” for destroyers.

· Reduced damage of HE bombs

· Increased impact of fire and flooding on gameplay

· Increased time of fire and flooding

· Increased chance of artillery magazine explosion


· USS Erie (1936) – increased reloading time for top guns by 0.5 seconds, reduced turret rotation speed by 1 degree per second

· Kawachi (1912) – Increased damage from fire on the ship.

· USS Phoenix (1917) – Increased azimuth angle of front casemate guns by 8 degrees for easier shooting straight ahead

· Kongo (1942) – increased accuracy

· Nagato (1944) – reduced time oto reach full rudder by 4.5 seconds

Additional info

· Added additional description for “Supremacy” mode in battle interface

· Activated old dock, which consumes less resources

· Fixed memory leaks in researching interface, expressed in lags during clicking on modules

· Fixed an issue with scouts not returning to the ship after their flight is over

· Fixed issue with green frame effect around ammo type being played during ammo switch

· Fixed issue of elements in researching interface not working