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Update 0.2.2

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Captains, in the latest update we are focusing on the New Player experience in World of Warships. We have added a new account progression system to get players better acquainted with the game in their first battles. Both new and experienced testers will be able to check out new diversified game modes on the maps; with adjusted battle mechanics; improved graphics and enhanced performance; and goals for players to achieve!

General Changes

PvE Battle Mode

In Update 0.2.2, we have implemented a pilot version of our "Cooperative Battle" (PvE) mode. In this mode, a team of up to 8 players will face an enemy team of 8 bots. If there are not enough players to form a full 8-person team, bots (cruisers and destroyers) will be added to make up the difference. Team compositions will be limited to 1 aircraft carrier, 3 battleships, 5 cruisers, and 6 destroyers, at +/- 2 tiers. Currently, experience and silver are earned during Cooperative Battle will be 2x slower than PvP modes. (This is subject to change in the future)

Battle Missions

We have implemented individual missions that you can complete during battle to earn extra rewards. In Update 0.2.2, you will have three 'fields' for individual missions. Each day, one random combat mission will be added to an empty field.

Account Leveling

A player's account will now 'level up' as they receive more experience in battle. When a player reaches a new level, it opens up new game options (for example, the posibility to level up a ship's crew, unlock new battle modes, a global map, gain free experience, etc.) and awards.

In Update 0.2.2 there will be four available account levels:

  • At 1st level, players will only be able to access Co-Op (PvE) mode.
  • At 2nd level, players will be able to compete in standard battles against online opponents in PvP.
  • At 3rd level, players will be able to complete Battle Missions for greater rewards.
  • At 4th level, players will gain the ability to use free experience.

Because of the introduction of this system, all previous progression will be wiped with this update.

Insignia Badges - "Ribbons"

We have implemented the display of players’ achievements in combat. ("Ribbons") Ribbons are earned by a player during the battle and appear at the end of the battle. In Update 0.2.2, 5 ribbons will be available:

  • Shell hit – awarded for each hit to an enemy ship
  • Torpedo hit - awarded for each successful torpedo hit (awarded for both ship and aircraft torpedoes)
  • Bomb hit - awarded for each bomb hit (aircraft) to an enemy ship
  • Destroyed - awarded for destroying enemy ships
  • Shot down – awarded for each enemy aircraft shot down (awarded for both anti-air ship defenses and fighter aircraft)

At the end of each battle, all ribbons earned will be displayed in a separate window. In later updates, players will be able to view their ribbons on the stat screen.

Changes in Aircraft Carrier Leveling

  • Module "Air Group" has been removed.
  • Fighters, Dive Bombers, and Torpedo Bombers are now researched separately.
  • Module "Flight Controls" is now responsible for the number and composition of squadrons under the player's control. Previously, this module was responsible for aircraft servicing speed. With the upcoming patch this module will be responsible for the number of air groups a player has at their disposal. In the current patch the module controlling this function is called "Air Groups," but in the upcoming patch that module will be removed.
  • Players can now see the number of planes in the "Hull" module description.
  • All squadron types are now displayed on the deck of a carrier. (In Port only)

Game Mechanics and Control System

  • All ships have a new module called "Rudder/Steering Gear." This module will be placed in the rear part of the ship, and will be protected with armor. If it is damaged, it will block the rudder in the current position. Repairing the module will return control of the rudder. A Rudder module can be damaged by both AP and HE shells.
  • Implemented changes to the visual effect of smoke from the stacks when critical damage is dealt to the engine.
  • Changed the values of damage dealt during ramming: if you are rammed by an ally you will receive less damage, but if you ram an enemy you will deal greater damage. (Mass and speed of the ship is taken into account)
  • The artillery Fire Control module was previously only responsible for accuracy (shell grouping); with the new patch it will also be responsible for the maximum firing range of the main armament.

Aviation and Plane Control System

  • Implemented the possibility to "attack ground" for strike aircraft. If you press Alt, you will have the possibility to attack not only a ship, but a spot on the map with your dive bombers and torpedo bombers. We have also implemented the possibility to change the target area and attack direction prior to attacking.
  • Speed has been recalculated for all planes.
  • A prototype "dog fighting" mechanic for fighters has been implemented. Fighters can now tie each other down with aerial combat. The engagement will only be over when the fighters have no ammo, or when the attack order is cancelled.
  • There is now an increased chance for attacking squadrons to miss if they are under attack. For bombers, the additional modifier is +30%; for torpedo bombers, they will have a wider torpedo spread.


  • Coefficient for the first win of the day has changed from 2x to 1.5x.


Ship visual components have been partially redesigned for the new materials technology. The quality of most ships is not final.

  • All ships have a new "Rudder/Steering Gear" module.
  • Configured ships' flooding mechanisms, added listing; adjusted the chance of ships breaking apart depending on the way they were destroyed.
  • The possibility of fire and flooding now depends on a ship's level: high tier ships have less chance to catch on fire or flood than low tier ships. Damage dealt from fires and flooding also depends on ship tiers.
  • Accuracy of battleships has been improved. (Shells in a salvo now have better grouping)
  • Increased anti-torpedo protection. (For ships that historically had anti-torpedo protection [ATP], damage is reduced)
  • Increased maximum probability of artillery cellar explosion up to 30% for heavy ships if the artillery cellar module has been completely destroyed. (Valid only for certain cruisers and battleships)
  • Recovery rate for the "Emergency Team" ability has been increased for the USS Erie and the IJN Katori.
  • Recalculated hit points for stock hulls.
  • Changes in the Japanese destroyers tech tree: ◦All destroyers starting from tier VI are now one tier higher
    • Destroyer Mutsuki, which earlier was a hull preset of the destroyer Minekaze, has been added to Tier VI. In the research tree, the hulls of 1926, 1939, and 1942 have been added.
    • Destroyer Hatsuharu is now Tier VII. The 1942 hull for Hatsuharu was added for research.
    • Destroyer Kagero is now Tier VIII. A new hull with more powerful AA guns has been added to the research tree for Kagero.
    • Destroyer Fubuki is now Tier IX. A new hull with more powerful AA guns has been added to the research tree for Fubuki.
    • Destroyer Shimakaze is now Tier X. The 1944 hull has been reworked, with AA guns added.


All maps are not final, and may be reworked.

New map, "Islands"

A new map for first tiers. Supremacy and Standard Battle modes are available.

Changes to Existing Maps

  • Implemented the possibility of conducting different battle scenarios on the same map: ◦The number and placement of capture points or bases is randomized. The maximum number of capture points is 4.
    • Ship starting positions may be different.
    • Possibility to launch Co-op or Standard Battle.
  • Big Race: changed base location and ship starting positions. (Rotated 180 degrees)
  • New Dawn: added an alternative scenario for a Supremacy battle mode with 4 control points.
  • The Fault Line: added scenario with Supremacy battle mode.
  • Islands of Ice: added scenario with Supremacy battle mode.


  • Implemented dynamic display of shell hits. (“Bullet hole” decals)
  • Implemented sets of natural objects with more realistic materials. (PBS)
  • Implemented self-illumination for several effects. (Explosions, fires)
  • Implemented the technology of more realistic water effects, which depends on a ship's speed. It has been reworked for all vehicles.
  • Implemented new smoke display technology when a player enters into the smoke from a smoke machine. It should now be easier for players to determine whether they are in smoke.
  • Reworked engine damage effects for all the ships.


Sound Additions

  • Smart Music Slider System. When you reduce the volume in the Settings menu, interface and in-game sounds will adjust to be louder than the music.
  • Reverb system.
  • Environment sounds in port.
  • Telegraph sounds of Japanese engines now differs from US engines.
  • Sounds of falling shells have been added for some ships when firing major caliber and AA guns.
  • Gun recoil sound for some ships.
  • New music tracks.
  • Sounds for achieving ribbons.
  • Camera Sound States technology, which allows for a dynamic mix depending on camera type. Planned to be used in upcoming versions.
  • Limiting system for the number of playable sounds. This feature depends on the sound settings the player sets in the game client.

Sound Changes

  • Principle of sound when playing a carrier. Players will be able to hear aircraft engine sounds, aircraft shootout sounds, interface sounds, and voice messages.
  • Sound effects are now supplemented with reverb.
  • Interface management sounds for squadrons. (Selection, orders)
  • Messages from squadrons.
  • Distance for sound and volume processing.
  • Countdown sounds before battle.
  • Ship movement sounds.
  • The activation message for "Emergency Crew" has been temporarily disabled.
  • Reduced RAM consumption by sound banks and sound engine.


  • Implemented new display system for torpedo and bomb sights for squadrons.
  • Added account level display in Port.
  • Added "Records" tab to the player's account, which displays the player's account level.
  • Implemented a notification message in Port when the player reaches a new account level.
  • Combat missions are now displayed in Port.
  • Added a notification about completing missions in the post-battle statistics screen, and in Port.

System Changes

  • Improved game client performance.
  • Added possibility to increase performance for low-performance computers by eliminating some visual components. To use this feature, choose the "Game Logic" preset in the graphics settings menu.
  • Implemented chat bans.
  • Bots have been reworked: bots now operate better on maps, and can capture bases.
  • If a player is disconnected during battle, there is an improved chance for them to reconnect and immediately resume play. This should help our players when minimizing the game, switching to different mode, or switching windows.