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German Destroyers

German destroyers are well-rounded and truly dangerous adversaries. They have long range, a long duration of Hydroacoustic Search, good ballistics, and excellent torpedoes. But the wide hulls increase the risk of enemy AP shells detonating inside.

Branch Characteristics

  • Excellent torpedo range, speed and reload time.
  • AP Shells have increased damage, similar to German cruisers.
  • Torpedo range increases with the ship tier, other torpedo characteristics are not affected.
  • Tier II-IV ships are equipped with forward torpedo tubes, so you don't have to expose your sides as much to fire 'em!
  • 128mm guns with good ballistic properties become available at Tier VI.
  • Hydroacoustic Search consumable is available at Tier VI and mounted in a separate slot.
  • Choose between 150mm or 128mm main guns at Tiers VI and VIII.
  • Tier IX and X German destroyers mount powerful AA defenses due to their dual-purpose guns.
  • Steer carefully: wide hulls make these ships vulnerable to AP shell hits.
  • The Tier X Z-52 is one of the last German destroyers designed before the end of World War II. She has strengths and weaknesses emblematic of her tech tree branch. The torpedo tubes reload fast, while the torpedoes themselves have good range. Her main drawback is a wide hull vulnerable to AP shell hits, another characteristic of the whole branch. She's a worthy adversary for Khabarovsk and Gearing.

Ship Changes

  • Akatsuki, Yūgumo: main guns replaced with same-caliber dual-purpose guns to provide a large AA engagement area.
  • Prinz Eugen: Now this ship will bring you 3% more Credits per battle.
  • König Albert: Increased vertical angle at which the second gun is fired by eight degrees.
  • Mutsuki: After this destroyer moved from Tier VI to Tier V, it mistakenly kept a lot of features of a Tier VI ship, and we've since adjusted them to match the performance of other Tier V ships:
  • Increased chance of being set on fire.
  • Increased chance of incurring flooding damage.
  • Reduced number of HP by 300 for both hulls (for the top hull, HP was reduced from 11,600 to 11,300).
  • Changes to ship plating:
  • Reduced thickness of plating toward the bow from 15mm to 10mm.
  • Reduced the thickness of fore end plating, the lower section of side plating, and aft end plating from 16mm to 10mm.
  • Increased the thickness of the upper section of the fore-end athwartship bulkhead from 6mm to 10mm.
  • Reduced the thickness of the aft-end plating at steering gears from 16mm to 12mm.
  • Reduced the thickness of plating toward the stern from 15mm to 10mm.
  • Reduced the thickness of plating toward the stern at steering gears and propulsion from 15mm to 12mm.
  • Reduced the thickness of the upper section of side plating from 16mm to 14mm.


Voice messages underwent a total overhaul: the intensity of the "radio transmission effect" for these messages can be selected via the audio settings, and there's an improved message queuing system. You can also choose the intensity of the radio transmission effect using the corresponding slider control in the "Audio" tab for the following message groups:

Quick messages

  • Messages from aircraft pilots.
  • Messages related to damage your ship takes.
  • Alarm and alert messages: fire, flooding, etc.
  • Messages related to consumables.
  • Fixed potential bugs in the interactive music playback system.

Other changes

  • Added new music tracks, including tracks inspired by the Russian folklore.
  • Fixed the defects for the "low sound quality" preset.
  • Fixed bugs with the Free Camera mode.


  • Added new onshore installation models for Forts (the Fort Drum model is based Battery Potter) and Surveillance Stations (with a model based on the American Shoal Light). The Forts themselves now feature a damage model, armor protection, and mechanics for damage by fires.
  • Implemented armor models for Forts and Observation posts with some parts protected by 200mm armor.
  • Implemented fire mechanics for Forts and Observation posts. For Forts: Fire lasts 15secs and takes 1.5% HP, for Observation posts: 0.42%.
  • Fort Drum won't take damage from torpedoes or flooding even though it's in the water.
  • Bastion mode is also now on the "North" and "Hotspot" maps.
  • Detailed list of additional changes:
  • Implemented damage model for onshore installations.
  • Implemented the mechanics for damage caused to onshore installations by fires.
  • From now on, it will be impossible to cause damage to "neutral" onshore installations.
  • Guns are more accurate.
  • Fort HP reduced from 300,000 to 200,000.
  • Observation point HP reduced from 9,000 to 1,900.
  • Maximum range increased from 12km to 15km.
  • Capture time for sectors increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Number of points received from sectors changed from 3 to 2 points per 5 seconds for a mode with four control zones on "The Atlantic" map.
  • Reload for forts on "The Atlantic" map increased from 7 to 4 seconds.

Maps and Locations

  • Added a new "London" Port! It will be set as the default Port after the update is released.
  • To select a different Port, click on the icon with the anchor image in the upper left corner of the Port screen and choose another Port from the available options.
  • Removed the "Yokosuka" Port due to the end of our partnership with the ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA- title. More details are available in the "Arpeggio" section.
  • Reworked several maps to enable placement of onshore installations in the Bastion mode.


Our partnership with ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA- is coming to a close. Because of this, you currently have one last chance to earn "Arpeggio" ships through the end of December, and we're removing the "Yokosuka" Port from the game. All its features will be replaced by a special filter in the ship carousel, available if you've got at least one Arpeggio ship.

If you had the Yokosuka Port selected immediately before the update, then this filter will be enabled by default. If this filter is enabled, all relevant effects and features, including special voiceovers, ship icons in the carousel and in battle, the exterior appearance of Arpeggio ships will remain unchanged. In fact, only the Yokosuka Port itself will be removed from the Arpeggio content in the game.


  • We've added a new separate checkbox for the Damage Indicator in the settings. Now there will be two independent checkboxes for "Detailed Ribbon" and "Damage Indicator." After the update, both checkboxes will be set or cleared by default, depending on the states of the indicators before the update.
  • The indicators for "Port (Left)" and "Starboard (Right)" controls (Q and E keys) will now be hidden while the autopilot is working. We made this change to avoid distracting you or creating a false impression that you are currently steering the ship.
  • We've made sure the display order of nations in the "Summary" tab now correspond to the order used in the tech tree, ship carousel, and elsewhere. *We also optimized the CPU load when rendering changes in ship appearance if you take damage in battle, reducing the amount of "micro freezes". This'll make the most difference on low-performance computer configurations.
  • We also optimized the CPU load when rendering changes in ship appearance if you take damage in battle, reducing the amount of "micro freezes". This'll make the most difference on low-performance computer configurations.
  • For all computer configurations, the system memory (RAM) consumption while in battle was reduced.
  • When a player has camouflage in stock, its price will now display in a pop-up tip.


  • We made corrections to the appearance of several ships using a special technology to bettter render thin elements like rigging. This is unrelated to the MSAA technology and will be visible whether or not MSAA is used, so performance won't be affected.
  • Notable visual corrections:
  • Gneisenau: Anchor shackles on hawseholes.
  • Scharnhorst: Transceivers of the S-Gerat active sonar on her bow.
  • Neptune: Cable passages on antennas of the smokestacks.
  • Dresden and Kolberg: Fixed positions of side lights on the bows.
  • Japanese aircraft: Fixed look of rotating propellers.
  • Bayern: Added antenna directors to the top hull (visual improvement only).
  • Fuso: Mounted range finder on the fifth main gun turret.
  • Akizuki: Flag moved to the stern.

Other Updates

  • Tirpitz: Added second permanent camouflage.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where damage from fires and flooding would do one extra "tick" of damage. Now, the damage stops immediately after you activate the Repair Party consumable.
  • Fixed bug with different operation times for the regular and Premium spotting aircraft on British cruisers and Perth.
  • Mutsuki: Damage from fires corrected to comply with rules adopted prior to the release of Update 0.2.4, where 0.33% of the amount of a ship's HP is lost per second instead of 0.169%.
  • Fixed bug with Clan page becoming a black screen once game is minimized.
  • Fixed incorrect conditions for certain tasks relating to eligible ship types.
  • Corrected descriptions for the final tasks of missions 4 and 6 in the Science of Victory campaign.
  • Fixed cut-off text in "Additional Reflections" in the "Settings" menu.
  • Fixed a bug in Mission 3, Task 4 in the Science of Victory campaign in which players had to destroy an enemy ship with a ship torpedo while playing with a cruiser. From now on, the conditions to complete the task will operate correctly.
  • Fixed bug in Mission 5, Task 6 in the Science of Victory campaign where players had to earn two individual heroic achievements. From now on, the conditions to complete the task will operate correctly.
  • Science of Victory Mission 8, Task 3: "Cause 25,000 HP of fire damage to enemy ships:" reward was replaced with 500 Free XP.
  • A new ship, the US Tier VIII battleship USS Alabama is being tested. This ship is not available for research or purchase, but you might see some in battle!
  • We've been noticing some questions about mods. Please note that any mods you currently have installed may cause compatibility issues with any update. If you have mods and have difficulty playing, please completely remove the mods from your computer. If you're still having trouble, contact Support.