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Update 0.6.11

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On the Horizon: Clan Naval Bases (with video)
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Clan Updates

In Update 0.6.11, several new major features will be available for Clan players:

  • New Resource :Oil
  • Naval Bases
  • Clan Battles

New Resource: Oil

Oil is a new resource in World of Warships that can only be earned by Clan members. Oil is required to develop a Clan's Naval Base, which provides Clan members with permanent bonuses.

In Update 0.6.11, you can earn Oil in two ways: 1.Containers issued or added to your account 2.Completing assigned challenges and combat missions

You only get Oil when you earn a Container, not upon opening it or earning enough XP to receive it. You'll see the Oil added to your Clan's account displayed as a system message.

Each Clan has its own 'Clan level'. The more Oil obtained, the higher the Clan's level is. In the current iteration, levels will only affect access to buildings, and will serve as a general indicator of how active a Clan is.

The whole amount of Oil obtained by a player is added to their Clan's account.

The Naval Base

Every Clan has a Naval Base comprised of a Headquarters, Shipyard, Research Center and Dock. Their specific locations within the base are marked by flags and images. These structures are available by default, although they don't provide any bonuses in their 'default state'. Use Oil to upgrade the buildings and begin receiving bonuses. Only the Commander and Deputy Commander can spend Oil on building and upgrading.

To receive bonuses, you must be members of the Clan and obtain a minimum amount of Oil for the Clan, required to gain access to the facilities built ('access'). All Clan members, including its Commander, need facility access, the value of which depends on the level of the Clan.

You only need to get access once to get bonuses from all facilities available in Update 0.6.11. The access is granted to the facilities of one Clan only. If you leave the Clan and join another one, you'll need to get access to the facilities of a new Clan again.

The complete list of structures and facilities available in Update 0.6.11 is as follows:


  • Tier V Boathouse: 10% discount to purchase tier V ships. Cost: 50 Oil.
  • Tier VI Boathouse: 10% discount to purchase tier VI ship. Cost: 200 Oil.
  • Tier VII Boathouse: 10% discount to purchase tier VII ship. Cost: 1,000 Oil.
  • Tier VIII Boathouse: 10% discount to purchase tier VIII ship. Cost: 5,000 Oil.


  • Slip (destroyers): 10% discount to service destroyers. Cost: 4,000 Oil.
  • Small Dock (cruisers): 10% discount to service cruisers. Cost: 4,000 Oil.
  • Large Dock (battleships): 10% discount to service battleships. Cost: 5,000 Oil.
  • Medium Dock (aircraft carriers): 10% discount to service carriers. Cost: 5,000 Oil.

Research Center:

  • Service Technique des Constructions Navales (France): 3% XP boost to battles played with French ships. Cost: 2,000 Oil.
  • Directorate of Naval Construction (U.K.): 3% XP boost to battles played with British ships. Cost: 2,000 Oil.
  • Shipbuilding and Armament Bureau (U.S.S.R.): 3% XP boost to battles played with the Soviet ships. Cost: 2,000 Oil.
  • Amt Kriegsschiffsbau (Germany): 3% XP boost to battles played with German ships. Cost: 2,000 Oil.
  • Bureau of Engineering (USA.): 3% XP boost to battles played with the U.S.A. ships. Cost: 2,000 Oil.
  • Kansei Hombu (Navy Technical Department for Japan): 3% XP boost to battles played with Japanese ships. Cost: 2,000 Oil.
  • Naval Construction Staff Group (Pan-Asia): 3% XP boost to battles played with Pan-Asian ships. Cost: 2,000 Oil.

Headquarters (determines the maximum size of a Clan):

  • Squadron Staff: increases maximum Clan size by 10. Cost: 20,000 Oil.
  • Task Force Staff: increases maximum Clan size by 10. Cost: 100,000 Oil.

Rostral Column:

  • The Rostral Column doesn't provide any bonuses currently and has a price of 9,999,999 Oil.

Clan Battles

In Update 0.6.11, the new 'Clan Battles', mode appears in the list of battle modes, replacing ‘Team Battles’ in the Service Record and available from Level 15 when activated in a future update.

Clan Battles won't be available immediately with Update 0.6.11, but will become available when a Clan season starts in a future update.

All teams created in the Team Battles mode will be removed from the game client. You'll receive compensation in the same currency and amount that you spent to create, and carry out operations with your teams.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • We changed the rate of the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill to increase its value for ships with small-caliber guns. Now ships with armament up to 139mm will have -1% to the chance of setting an enemy ship on fire, and ships with gun calibers higher than 139mm will have a -3% chance, of setting an enemy ship on fire, as it originally was.
  • In response to player requests, we set a tier limit on the ships eligible to take part in Operations to Tier VI ships only.
  • Reduced purchase cost of Commanders with one Skill point from 10,000 to 7,500 Credits.
  • Increased short range shooting accuracy for cruisers Erie, Black Swan, and Bougainville similar to other Tier I ships.
  • Fixed Defensive Fire bug: aircraft attack cone now expands properly when the range of Defensive Fire was close to the range of the attack squadrons launching attack.
  • Reduced the initial loading time for the Clan and inventory browser.
  • Fixed ability of players in one Division to compliment or report each other.
  • Now, you can add players to your contact list or blacklist from the context menu.
  • Removed context menu for AI-controlled ships.
  • Improved water quality near surface and in the medium or high binocular view.
  • Fixed incorrect location of cruiser Admiral Makarov in the Naval Base Port.
  • Fixed indicator display for unread news in the Port.
  • Fixed a Commander retraining bug causing Doubloon icon to display instead of Elite XP.
  • Fixed a bug causing 'detected by aircraft' indicator to display when you are detected by a ship.
  • Fixed some issues that causing game to freeze when exiting.
  • Fixed an issue causing squadrons to take off from carriers without animations.
  • Fixed a bug where guns on fourth main caliber turret for Bellerophon intersected the ship hull leading to corrected sight angles and a decrease to the rotating and shooting sector by 3 degrees from all sides.
  • Benson: icons on the armament scheme no longer intersect when Hull B and Mk15 mod.3 torpedoes are installed.
  • Hero achievements earned in 'Operations' game mode are not calculated towards Battle Hero, Legend of the Seas, and Bane of the Oceans cumulative achievements progress.

Ship Appearance Changes

Improved appearance of tier I and II ships with better rendering of thin elements like rigging. This correction won't affect performance: Wickes, Wakatake, Derzki, St. Louis, Kolberg, Tenryu, Bogatyr, South Carolina, Nassau, and Kawachi.

Maps and Locations

  • Added onshore towns on the Haven map.
  • Removed all 'Easter eggs' related to the World of Warships anniversary from maps
  • Fixed certain bugs that did not affect gameplay on the following maps and in ports: Archipelago, Strait, The Atlantic, North, Two Brothers, Islands, Northern Lights, Riposte, the Naval Base (Clans), and the Hawaii Port.

New Content


Developers, supertesters and other special contributors get to test the premium Italian Tier V battleship Giulio Cesare and Pan-Asian Tier VI cruiser Huang He.

Camouflages and Containers

Added a special Container and a unique permanent camo for Soviet Tier V battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (October Revolution).

Deep-water Torpedoes

Deep-water torpedoes were added for the Pan-Asian ships and carrier Graf Zeppelin for testing. These torpedoes can travel at greater depths than standard torpedoes, and can pass beneath a ship without hitting her, depending on the draft. Torpedoes that will pass beneath a player's ship will be displayed as circle icons for that player. In this case, the sound notification and indicator of approaching torpedoes will not detonate.