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Update 0.7.6

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American Light Cruisers

Light cruisers are maneuverable support ships featuring good concealment. They carry rapid-firing 152mm main battery guns that are capable of delivering decent damage per minute and are the main assistants and supporters of the team. Starting from Tier VIII, these ships can make simultaneous use of Surveillance RadarWhile active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, disregarding obstacles such as smoke and terrain., Hydroacoustic SearchWhile active, detects all enemy ships and torpedoes within the specified radius, without regard of obstacles such as smoke and terrain., and Defensive AA FireWhile active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased.. However, they require a high level of concentration from the player due to their moderate HP pool and overall weak armor protection. Besides, you will have to get used to the unusual ballistic trajectory of the shells in order to deliver fire in an efficient manner by skillfully using terrain as cover. To find out more about the newly arrived ships, read the article dedicated to light cruisers.


The main new feature of Update 0.7.6 is the Arsenal. The Arsenal is a place where players can exchange Coal and Steel for signal flags, camouflage patterns, ships, containers, and special upgrades. Coal and Steel are new in-game resources that you can earn by completing various combat missions, achieving high ranks, and demonstrating good performance in Clan Battles. The Arsenal is found in the upper left corner of the Port, above the list of available combat missions and challenges. A player has access to the Arsenal starting from Level 8 in the Service Record.

Upon the release of the update, players will be given a generous bonus of Steel for some of their combat merits; they will also receive Coal to the amount of 5 times their accumulated Oil (5 Coal for each 1 Oil). Please pay your attention to the fact that a player can accumulate Oil only when they are a member of a Clan. Only a player’s personal Oil that was earned during the time the player belonged to any of their Clans is counted! The Clan’s Oil is not counted in this case.

Make sure you check out the special "Coupons" section to activate and apply a discount for various items.

Mission: Coal For Everyone
Earn 20,000 base XP over any amount of battles and get 5000 coal.

For more details about the advantages of the Arsenal and the bonuses we’ve prepared for its release, please read this dedicated article.

New Operation

As promised, the American series of updates will add new challenges and leave a lasting impression, even for the most experienced commanders! In Update 0.7.6, a new operation titled ‘Cherry Blossom’ will complement the list of available scenarios. This Operation is inspired by the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay that occurred on November 2, 1943, in which a Japanese squadron under the command of Admiral Omori clashed with an operational task force headed by Admiral Merril.

Under the cover of darkness, the Japanese forces undertake an attempt to counterattack the American assault troopers who landed the day before. The players' primary task is to defend the troopers and exploit the success by attacking the enemy base. The operation begins at night and continues into the early hours of the morning. Finally, the combat action comes to an end by daylight. The players will be offered new game mechanics—a night battle—during which illumination bombs are used to light up the battlefield.

You can take part in this operation by playing with American, British, French, and Soviet Tier VIII cruisers. ‘Cherry Blossom’ will become a default operation for the two weeks following the release of Update 0.7.6, and then it will be included in the standard rotation and will be available for completion as an Operation of the Week.

For more details about the new Operation, please read this dedicated article.

Clan Battles - Season 3: "Sleeping Giant"

Season 3 of Clan Battles is coming. Fight, win, and earn Steel to spend in the Arsenal!

The season starts on June 30 and ends on August 19. From June 30 through July 6, those who have played at least one Clan Battle will be able to redistribute their commander skill points free of charge.

The new season, named ‘Sleeping Giant’, is based on the same rules you already know very well:

  • Tier X ships only.
  • Battles are played in the 7vs7 format; no more than one battleship per team; no carriers.
  • There are five Leagues for you to climb through to get on top: Squall League, Gale League, Storm League, Typhoon League, and Hurricane League.
  • Rewards may differ slightly from those in previous seasons and some will be replaced by a new resource—Steel!
  • The following six maps will serve as battlegrounds for the "Sleeping Giant" season: Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Warrior's Path, Mountain Range, Tears of the Desert, and, of course, Sleeping Giant.
Clan Battles will be available on the following days only: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Prime time, PT: 4:30 PM–8:30 PM.

The Rating of all Clans will be reset to standard values. Your Clan will receive 50 bonus points for the first battles played in each of the Leagues in the previous season, 'Islands of Ice', (except the starting—Squall—league), up to a maximum of 200 points.

Starting from Update 0.7.6, the highest value of the two ratings — code named Alpha and Bravo — will be considered the Clan's Leading Rating. In Clan Battles, players will get the opportunity to select a Rating in which they want to fight after the Clan has constructed a Squadron Staff building at the Clan's base. As a result, Clan players will be able to choose a Rating to match their style of play—serious battles to occupy the top positions, relaxed battles to play with friends or to test new tactics and combinations of ships.

When at the Clan's base, you can find the both Ratings by hovering over the emblem of the League to which your Clan currently belongs.

If you’ve always been curious about the Rating of Clans from other realms, Update 0.7.6 will satisfy your curiosity. In the 'Clans' section, under 'Clan Rating', you will find the statistics containing the Ratings of Clans from all over the world.

With the introduction of the Arsenal, all players will receive 6,000 Steel for each 'Stalingrad' flag they have earned. Those players who have gained 30 victories in the Typhoon League will receive an additional 10,000 Steel to help them accumulate enough resources to exchange for Tier X cruiser Stalingrad, which will appear in the Arsenal in Update 0.7.8.

Please note: in honor of the Arsenal release in Update 0.7.6, you will be given a coupon that entitles you to a 25% discount for the 'Ships' category. It will come in handy if you participated in three seasons of Clan Battles with the purpose of earning cruiser Stalingrad. Do not spend your coupon and Steel on other ships, otherwise you'll have to get more Steel to exchange it for the cruiser without a discount. Wait until Stalingrad rolls into the Arsenal and be the first one to get the ship with a discount. You deserve it!

When the season starts, any player who plays a Random or Clan Battle with a Tier VIII–X ship, will be given a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use: destroyer Shimakaze, cruiser Hindenburg, battleship Conqueror.

  • The ships are given for temporary use and will be written off accounts with the release of Update 0.7.7.
  • The ships will be available in Clan Battles only.
  • A special timer near the ship image in the Port will warn you about the expiration of the rental period.
  • You won't be able to mount any type of camouflage on these ships.
  • You will be able to re-assign Commanders to rented ships without penalty.
  • Rented ships will bring you the rewards calculated in the same manner as for researchable ships.
  • When these ships are removed, their Commanders will be automatically sent to the Reserve, and the upgrades, consumables, and signals will be moved to the Inventory.
  • If the ships have alternative modules like Shimakaze's torpedoes, you can mount them at no cost.
  • If the Commander was recruited specially for a rented ship, their specialization will remain the same after removing the ship from the account.
  • If the Commander was recruited for a rented ship and then re-assigned to another ship, their specialization will remain the same after removing the ship from the account.
  • The ships are added together with a slot. The slot will be removed from the account together with the ship.

In two weeks after the release of Update 0.7.8, if you earn three ‘Stalingrad’ flags and have already redeemed your coupon for cruiser Stalingrad, you will be given another coupon providing a 25% discount for the ‘Ship’ category.

For more details, read the special article.

Unique Upgrades

Each Tier X ship will get one unique upgrade tailored specifically to it. All you have to do to obtain the upgrade is complete a chain of combat missions using a particular ship.

The aim of these upgrades is to adjust the characteristics of a ship to make it perform better in a specific role. However, the unique upgrades are mounted into existing slots and have balancing parameters. Our intention is that the unique upgrades will add to the variability of ship builds while keeping ships in balance with each other, even if one ship has the unique upgrade and another does not.

You can find all the details related to the unique upgrades on the Upgrades page and this article.

Game Balance Changes

  • We have increased the reload time of the Smoke GeneratorWhile active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates. consumable on researchable Pan-Asian destroyers from 120 to 150 seconds (from 80 to 100 seconds for enhanced consumables).
    • Presently, destroyers demonstrate high efficiency against cruisers and battleships due to their deepwater torpedoes, while unique smoke screens allow them to effectively fight for key areas with enemy destroyers. Increasing the reload time will prevent these ships from constantly hiding in the smoke and make them less versatile.
  • For Japanese Tier Х cruiser Zao, we have added the option to mount alternative researchable Type93 mod.3 torpedo modules with the following characteristics:
    • Maximum damage: 23,767.
    • Range: 12 km.
    • Speed: 67 knots.
    • Reload time: 171 seconds.
    • Detectability range by sea: 1.7 km.
    • The new module will be added to the ship's Tech Tree. To use this module, you first need to research and purchase it.
    • Type F3 torpedoes of cruiser Zao now reload much faster — 104 seconds instead of 141.
    • This change should maintain the identity of the branch post-update, and balance the damage caused by Zao’s torpedoes in comparison with cruisers of a lower tier. The changes will also slightly increase the effectiveness of the ship in Clan Battles and bring her more up-to-date.
    • The availability of long-range torpedoes will enable the cruiser to use torpedo armament more efficiently both when bearing down on an enemy or retreating and during a medium-range firefight involving active maneuvering. Also, it allows you to take advantage of the difference between the torpedo range and the cruiser's detectability.
  • For American Tier X destroyer Gearing, we’ve added stock Mk16 mod.1 torpedo tubes (similar to the ones mounted on destroyer Fletcher) with the following characteristics:
    • Maximum damage: 19,033.
    • Range: 10.5 km.
    • Speed: 66 knots.
    • Reload time: 106 seconds.
    • Detectability range by sea: 1.4 km.
    • If you have this destroyer, the new module will be automatically researched, but not purchased. The addition of the torpedo tubes from her predecessor will offer the owner of destroyer Gearing the choice between long-range torpedoes with a higher speed due to the Torpedo Acceleration skill and medium-range torpedoes with quick reloading and increased damage both per salvo and per time unit.
  • For Soviet destroyer Grozovoi, in Slot 4, we’ve added the Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second. consumable with the following characteristics:
    • HP recovery per second: 0.5% points.
    • Active for: 28 seconds.
    • Reload time: 120 seconds and 80 seconds for the enhanced consumable.
    • Number of charges for the standard consumable: 1; for the enhanced consumable: 2.
    • The firing range has been increased from 10,970 to 12,300 meters. The Engine BoostWhile active, increases a ship's speed by a fixed percentage. consumable has been moved to a separate slot.
    • Thus, Grozovoi will inherit the gameplay of Udaloi and will be a logical continuation of the branch. She will be able to oppose enemy destroyers in an attempt to gain control of key areas, using the Repair Party consumable to restore her HP. An increased firing range together with the Advanced Firing Training skill will enable you to fight enemy battleships and cruisers, while maintaining a relatively safe distance. Separation of the Defensive AA FireWhile active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased. and Engine BoostWhile active, increases a ship's speed by a fixed percentage. consumables will prevent a player from being torn between the destroyer's mobility and her effective AA defense.
    • The number of charges for the Smoke GeneratorWhile active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates. and Engine BoostWhile active, increases a ship's speed by a fixed percentage. consumables has been reduced from 2 to 1 (from 3 to 2 for the Premium consumable).
    • The number of charges for the Defensive AA FireWhile active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased. remains unchanged. Because of this, the ship will retain the ability to use the consumables to gain advantage, but the reduced number of charges will require a more careful choice of when to use them, which will mostly affect the final stages of a battle.
  • The reload time for the 203 mm L/60 Drh LC/34 guns of German cruisers Hindenburg and Roon has been increased from 10 to 11 seconds.
    • German high-tier cruisers showed good results in all types of battles and were undisputed when it came to causing damage from long range. Increasing their reload time should bring the ships into balance with their same-type counterparts, while preserving their national characteristics and keeping their playing qualities.
  • The armor belt thickness in the fore and aft ends of Soviet cruiser Moskva has been increased from 25mm to 50mm.
    • Strengthening of the armor increases the cruiser's survivability and allows her to receive less damage through the fore and aft end platings as 50mm armor can lead to a ricochet, even when hit by a large caliber shell from a battleship.
  • For the Surveillance Radar Modification 1 :  +20% action time. upgrade, the bonus to the action time of the Surveillance RadarWhile active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, disregarding obstacles such as smoke and terrain. consumable has been reduced from 40% to 20%.
    • At the moment, the upgrade is too effective for ships that have the Surveillance RadarWhile active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, disregarding obstacles such as smoke and terrain. consumable. The change balances the upgrade with other special upgrades that can be mounted in Slot 2.

Maps and Locations

Update 0.7.6 will bring changes to several maps. These changes are mostly aimed at making the balance fairer when two opposing teams fight in Clan Battles, and have almost no effect on the other battle types:


  • The western part of the map has been altered: The height of the volcanoes located in E2-F2 is now equal, allowing both teams to deliver fire from any side using the island as cover. The size of the island located at square E4 has been reduced to provide equal opportunities to make an attack along line 3.
  • The water zone around Key Area C has been changed, too: we removed an island from the border line of the Key Area in square E7, which will provide free entry into the Key Area for the team spawned in the north. We also increased the height of the island inside the Key Area in square E7 to create a safe zone for ships capturing the area.
  • The two large islands on line 7 are now located symmetrically, which gives both teams an equal opportunity to enter Key Area C.
  • The location of the islands inside Key Area C was revised to provide both teams with equal opportunities.

Mountain Range

  • The western group of islands has been moved down, and is now located at an equal distance from both teams.
  • The large central islands are now located symmetrically along the vertical line, which provides each team with an opportunity to deliver fire at targets located inside Key Areas A and B from their positions near Key Area C.
  • The island in square E8 has been moved down to provide the cruisers of both teams with an opportunity to take positions at an equal distance from Key Area C.
  • The island in D9 has been rotated by approximately 90 degrees. Also, some parts of the cliff have been moved beyond the map border to provide ships with space to maneuver along lines 9–10.
  • A group of islands located between lines 9 and 10, and an aerodrome, are now located at an equal distance from each team.

Sleeping Giant

  • The channels meant for entering Key Area A are now located symmetrically for both teams.
  • The width of the islands around Key Area A has been made equal, which will allow the ships from each team positioned outside the Key Area to scan the equal zones using the Hydroacoustic SearchWhile active, detects all enemy ships and torpedoes within the specified radius, without regard of obstacles such as smoke and terrain. and Surveillance RadarWhile active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, disregarding obstacles such as smoke and terrain. consumables.
  • Some irregularities of the landscape have been removed. These irregularities impeded the ships’ retreat from intense enemy gunfire.
  • Key Area B now has cover similar to Key Area C, which allows players to defend their positions in the north of the map in a safer manner.
  • The cover zones located inside Key Area A are now equally accessible to both teams.

Port of New York

  • The Port of New York will get a new festive look in celebration of the 4th of July and the release of the new U.S. cruisers branch. Fireworks will illuminate the city at night, and flashlights will outline the graceful silhouettes of towering skyscrapers. The port's visuals have changed, and new sounds have been added too—you will hear flying planes and exploding firecrackers. Dive into the festive atmosphere of the new Port of New York!

The port will be enabled by default in the game for all players after the update is released.

Content Additions and Changes

  • We added the following new ships for testing by developers and supertesters:
    • Kitakaze — Japanese Tier IX destroyer.
    • Harugumo — Japanese Tier X destroyer.
  • Now, daily containers and supercontainers will contain new resources — Coal and Steel.
    • More Credits, More Signals and Camouflages, and More Consumables containers — 400 Coal.
    • In the More Credits containers, Coal has replaced enhanced consumables.
    • Try Your Luck containers — 900 Coal.
    • Supercontainers — 15,000 Coal or 1,500 Steel.
  • Additionally, containers provide the Blue Lagoon, Storm Wind, and Revolutionary camouflages instead of the Type 3 – Halloween, Type 3 – New Year, and gamescom.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Please note that starting from Update 0.7.6, when you buy a bundle containing a Premium ship you already have in your Port, you will be compensated in the amount equal to the actual price you paid, taking into account all applicable discounts. Besides that, the compensation rules will be explicitly specified in the description of each individual bundle in the Premium Shop.
  • As part of our effort to improve the system for prevention of unsporting conduct, we have disabled the ability to cause a fire and flooding to an allied ship as a result of friendly fire.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the consumable icons to slightly reach beyond their limits.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the drop-down list to go beyond the screen border when you open the ‘Assign to’ item of the commander reassignment menu for the first time.
  • The container icon meant to indicate whether the reward has been issued and displayed above the ‘Unlock task’ button has been removed on the Campaigns screen.
  • The drop-down window showing information about discounts for the upgrades a player can purchase now displays the correct time of the Special expiration.
  • The aircraft of your Division mate who has an 'offender' status are now marked with an orange color, instead of pink.
  • The full text and information about the camouflage and signals modifiers now perfectly fit their borders on the 'Credits and XP' tab of the post-battle statistics screen.
  • The digital value indicating the detectability range by sea on the Minimap now has the same color as the respective circle.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Division Commander's inability to manage the Division after reconnecting to the game server after a disconnect.
  • Fixed the bug that caused a destination point to be set instead of selecting a squadron when clicking on the squadron.
  • Fixed the bug that caused a filter from a combat mission to affect the possibility to select a ship in a campaign.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the base capture progress bar to display in the wrong color.
  • If you interrupt an enemy that is capturing a neutral Key Area, the enemy's capture progress will now be displayed.
  • Fixed the bug that made it possible for a player from a Division to change their camouflage pattern color after they have already pressed the ‘Ready’ button.
  • After a ship is destroyed, the color of the number indicating the remaining HP now corresponds to the ship's dynamic icon color.
  • Minor changes in the textures and geometry of the following ships: Leberecht Maass, Z-39, Monaghan, Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Kiev, Nicholas, Farragut, Nagato.
  • Improved the display for the fine elements of the exterior customizations for Japanese ships.
  • Fixed the error that caused the absence of torpedo protection for cruiser Myoko’s standard hull. The torpedo protection has been returned to this ship, and its value is equal to that of the researchable hull.
  • For US cruiser Baltimore, 'Auxiliary rooms' have been renamed to 'Casemate' similar to other ships in the branch.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the inability to apply the custom camouflage color schemes for all hulls of destroyer Benson.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the shot loudness to not correspond to the gunfire volume slider position for some ships.
  • Fixed the bug that caused sound messages being played too often for the unique commanders.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the appearance of the French flag in the post-battle results screen.
  • Fixed some minor visual defects of the torpedo tubes for destroyer Monaghan.
  • The description for the upgrade Engine Boost Modification 1 Increases the action time of the Engine Boost and Emergency Engine Power consumables.: +50% action time. has been improved by adding the text: "Available for Tier VI–X ships equipped with the Engine Boost consumable."
  • Fixed the bug that caused the commemorative flag given for participation in the First Season of Ranked Battles to be incorrectly displayed on the ship.
  • Fixed the completion criteria for Task 5 of Mission 2 in the "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" campaign. Now you can complete the task by dealing damage by setting the enemy ships on fire and causing flooding to them.
  • Fixed the description of destroyer Monaghan. Now it corresponds to the actual state of this ship in the game.
  • Fixed the description for the following American cruisers: Pensacola, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Cleveland.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the main battery guns of battleship Alabama to turn with their Director Control Towers staying fixed.
  • Fixed the bug that made the sound of the main battery shot of cruiser Worcester inconsistent with its guns’ caliber.
  • The position of the Sun in the 'Mountain Range' map has been changed in such a way that it doesn't blind the teams.
  • Fixed the bug whereby disabling additional content didn't affect the alternative sounds of other ships in the battle.
  • Fixed the bug that made the sound of the main battery shot of destroyer Shiratsuyu inconsistent with its guns’ caliber.
  • Fixed the bug that made the tone of the ship horns of the 'Space' camouflages in the Port different to that in the battle.
  • The amount of HP recovered when the Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second. consumable is used and the player has the Survivability Expert skill researched has been corrected.
  • Now you can check the results of your Clan Battles from previous seasons in the ‘Clan Rating’.
  • For some ships, the turning circle radius displayed in the Port was incorrect. This error has been fixed in Update 0.7.6 and values are now correctly displayed. This in no way influences the in-game balance of the ships, only the visual display of the characteristics is affected.

Ship Old Turning Circle Radius Corrected Turning Circle Radius
Dresden 580m 420m
Mutsu 770m 750m
Jianwei 540m 550m
Aurora 400m 410m
Diana 470m 430m
Novik 500m 400m
Budyonny 710m 820m
Dmitri Donskoi 760m 870m
Moskva 760m 1050m
Gremyashchy 510m 550m
Conqueror 940m 820m
Erie 300m 310m
Albany 350m 360m
Indianapolis 620m 650m