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Update will affect the interaction of carriers with destroyers, the Patrol FighterWhile active, a group of fighter planes circles a location spotting and engaging enemy aircraft. consumable, and the individual balance of some ships.


  • Due to the good maneuverability and precise aiming even when changing direction of attack, Attack Aircraft are excessively effective against destroyers. The latter have almost no opportunities for counterplay, even with active maneuvering. Given the high speed, Attack Aircraft successfully repel destroyers from control points and, in the early stages of battle, force them to keep close to allies, so as not to suffer from airborne attack. Taking into account the above factors, we have reduced the effectiveness of attack aircraft against maneuvering destroyers, but at the same time preserved the main features of the planes. These changes will apply to Attack Aircraft of all CVs:
    • Increased preparation time for the attack, which will not allow instant attacks on destroyers.
    • Changed the parameters of aiming: now planes get a large aim penalty when changing their direction during an attack and will not be able to accurately shoot rockets when maneuvering.
    • Maneuverability during the preparation for the attack and during the attack run is reduced, which will not allow Attack Aircraft to easily aim at a maneuvering destroyer if the approach of the attack was originally on the wrong vector.
    • Thus, the destroyer, which actively maneuvers and takes into account in advance the attack vector of the squadron, will be able to successfully dodge the attack. The interaction of attack aircraft with ships that do not change their course or, due to their characteristics, cannot do it quickly enough, will remain at the same level.
    • All attack aircraft will have a reduced attack time. The aiming reticle now has a wider area when entering an attack, but the maximum reduction of the aiming reticle remains unchanged. Thus, this type of aircraft will reward players for choosing the right vector of attack and consequently leave less chance of a successful attack if carried out at the last moment
  • Visibility of all ships from the air is reduced by 20%. This will reduce the reconnaissance potential of СVs at the start of the battle and will help destroyers to remain undetected for a longer period, provided that their AA is turned off with the help of the P key.
  • To improve the efficiency of the "Fighter" consumable, we changed its settings. Now, fighters quickly begin pursuing enemy squadrons in their area of influence.
  • Also increased cruising speed, increased the number of aircraft called by consumable on the squadron from 2-3-4 to 3-5-7, respectively.
  • We have also significantly reduced the hit points of fighters, which will emphasize their weakness against ships and low efficiency as an intelligence tool. In addition, the radius of patrolling fighters for squadrons has changed with tier progression: at Tier VI it has been reduced to 2.5 km, Tier VIII is unchanged, and at Tier X it is now 3.5 km.
  • Due to the excessive efficiency on account to the large number of torpedoes in the attack flight, the attacking potential of Midway’s torpedo bombers is reduced: their torpedoes have been replaced with weaker ones (the maximum damage is now 4,233 instead of 5,367) and the chance of flooding is reduced. Other parameters remain unchanged.

Changes that have affected the premium aircraft carrier Enterprise:

  • Bombers in all respects have become similar to the SB2C Helldiver bombers found on aircraft carrier Lexington, but they still carry AP bombs. This change will increase the survivability of the squadron.
  • Reduced torpedo arming time. The torpedo aiming is now similar to the TBF Avenger torpedo bombers of the aircraft carrier Lexington. Previously, the torpedo aiming reticle was tightened slowly, but the penalty for maneuvering was lower. Now, the aiming will be faster, but the penalty for maneuvering will be higher. Thus, when it’s the right time to attack, the torpedo bombers will be able to drop their torpedoes more quickly and accurately.
  • Replenishment of Attack Aircraft on the deck has been accelerated, allowing for faster compensation for the loss of aircraft in battle.

Other changes:

  • Fixed an incorrect cooldown for consumable Defensive AA Fire II on destroyers. Now it is lower than Defensive AA Fire.
  • Reduced the size of bomber squadrons for British aircraft carriers, and increased fall time of the bombs. Due to the specifics of dropping bombs, British aircraft were too effective compared to other bombers. These changes will allow them to retain their features but will lead to a more balanced damage output.
  • Changed number of attack aircraft in the attack flight for the base plane module of the aircraft carrier Furious, and for the attack aircraft on the aircraft carrier Indomitable. Now there are two planes instead of three in the attack flight, which will make three attacks possible in one squadron instead of two.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the guns of the ship Huanghe to be displayed as floating in the air when a special Lunar New Year camouflage was equipped.
  • February 23, the port of St. Petersburg will be decorated to celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Its appearance will remain festive until the release of Update 0.8.1.