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Update 0.8.10

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Developer Bulletin Event Part 2 News article Combat Missions Twitch Drops

Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable
From: Wed. Nov. 13 2:00 AM PT
Until: Wed. Nov. 13 5:00 AM PT
Update size: 2.3 GB

The event dedicated to Italy continues!

The Italian cruisers’ time in Early Access is over—they are now available to research for everyone! Players can also get their hands on the new "Resolute and Rapid" collection and a unique Italian historical Commander—Luigi Sansonetti — who possesses three special talents. Besides that, a new Season of Ranked Battles awaits you, as well as various technical improvements and much more!

Italian Cruisers: Part 2

The Italian arc continues! With the release of Update 0.8.10, the branch of Italian cruisers will become available for everyone to research.

"Resolute and Rapid" collection

Update 0.8.10 welcomes a new collection dedicated to the Italian Navy. The collection consists of four sections, with four elements in each.

The reward for completing the sections is 1 day of Premium Account.

The rewards for completing the entire collection are an achievement and the unique Italian Commander, Luigi Sansonetti, who possesses the following talents:

  • Scorched by Fury — activates when you score the Confederate achievement and reduces the reload time of the main battery guns by 15%.
  • Triumphant Haul — activates after you destroy an enemy ship and extends the main battery’s firing range by 8%. Can be activated once per battle.
  • Desperate Resistance — activates after you score 100 main battery shell hit ribbons and prolongs the action time of all consumables by 10%. Can be activated once per battle.

Besides the aforementioned talents, this Italian Commander enjoys two enhanced skills: Expert Loader and Torpedo Acceleration.

During Update 0.8.10, containers with collectibles can be obtained as follows:

  • Up to six containers for completing Directives of the event
  • Up to 29 containers in the Armory using Mediterranean Tokens—a new temporary resource
  • Up to three containers from Daily Shipments

Elements of the collection can only be obtained from the relevant event containers. In Update 0.9.4, we're planning to make the “Resolute and Rapid” containers available in exchange for Coal in the Armory. This way you'll still be able to complete the collection and get Commander Luigi Sansonetti in case you miss anything during Update 0.8.10! The cost of the containers will be announced later.

"Resolute and Rapid" event

The new game event tasks you with completing 40 missions spread across four Directives. You can start progressing in the next Directive only once you've completed six missions from the previous one. To obtain the final reward, you must complete six missions of the fourth Directive.

Having completed all four Directives, players will receive six “Resolute and Rapid” containers and 572 Mediterranean Tokens, the latter of which can be exchanged in the new "Italian Navy" section of the Armory for one of the following rewards:

  • 14 days of Premium Account
  • 143 Regia Marina camouflage patterns
  • Credits12,825,000 credits
  • Up to 470 signals
  • 19 “Resolute and Rapid” containers, which drop elements of the same-name collection, Free XP, and Coal

Directives are available to players with open access to combat missions in their Service Record. Novice players will have to play 70 battles in any accessible battle type to unlock them.

Mediterranean Tokens will only be available throughout Update 0.8.10. When Update 0.8.11 goes live, they will only be obtainable from “Resolute and Rapid” Premium containers. With the release of Update 0.9.0, all Mediterranean Tokens will be converted to credits at a rate of 1 : 22,500.

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Raid for the Filth

The Portal to the lost dimension will remain open until November 27, so you still have a chance to undertake a Raid for the Filth! As you might remember, three teams with three players in each fight against one another, as well as against a horde of dark forces controlled by AI. The objective is to collect a special resource—Filth. You can exchange Filth for various rewards in a special section of the Armory.

Please note: when this event battle mode is over, the monster ships will remain in your Port until Update 0.8.11 goes live, but you won't be able to enter battle playing them.

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Ranked Battles

Starts: Wed. Nov. 27 6:00 AM PT
Ends: Mon. Dec. 23 5:30 AM PT


The Fourteenth Season of Ranked Battles is set to commence soon, to be played with Tier X ships in an 8 vs. 8 format. A limit of one aircraft carrier per team is set for these battles. The main reward remains the same—5,500 Steel! Ranked Battles will be fought on the Shards, Northern Lights, Trident, Haven, Greece, and Riposte maps in Domination mode. The Season’s details will be published separately in a dedicated article.


We have also updated the matchmaker by introducing a limit on the number of battleships per team — three at most — for Ranked Battles and Ranked Sprints. If there aren’t enough suitable ships to complete the teams, and the waiting time the first player in the queue has spent exceeds 4 minutes and 10 seconds, then each team can be completed with up to four battleships.

Game Balance Changes

Italian Tier III–IX cruisers

  • The angle that’s used as the starting point for checking a SAP shell hit for a ricochet has been increased from 65 to 70 degrees.

This change will make SAP shells more effective against ships that are positioned at an acute angle.

Visual and Other Enhancements


We are continuing to update the maps and Ports so that they conform to the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology. In Update 0.8.10, the visuals of the Solomon Islands, Ring, New Dawn, Hotspot, Two Brothers, Shards, Estuary, Haven, Archipelago, and Land of Fire maps; and Ocean and Saint Petersburg Ports have been improved.

Special Camos

The special visual style of the VII Eastern Dragon, VII Southern Dragon, and ARP ships has been singled out as a separate permanent camouflage providing standard combat bonuses. It's also possible to mount special upgrades and other camouflages, with the exception of permanent ones, on these ships. When you hide ships’ special exteriors in the Additional Content settings menu, this camouflage will be demounted.

Gun sight reticle

The gun sight reticle has been switched to utilize new technology, which opens the doorway to future changes in the game. Its visuals now look neater and cleaner.

List of changes

  • Removed horizontal lines spreading from the the ship to the horizon.
  • Removed two vertical lines from both sides of the reticle.
  • Removed armament angle values from the sight reticles for certain torpedo launchers and guns.
  • Stopped the reticle shaking that occurred when you turned the battle camera within a range between the ship and the horizon. Now, the reticle will always be positioned in the center of the screen.

Co-op Battles Matchmaker

Update 0.8.10 brings matchmaker improvements for Co-op Battles:

  • Battles will be played in a 9 vs. 9 format.
  • Any incomplete teams will be complemented with a much wider range of bot ships.

These changes are aimed at making this battle type more interesting.

Besides that, we’re introducing limitations in battles for the maximum number of ships allowed from the highest tier, and minimum number of ships from the lowest tier. These limitations depend on the battle tier and waiting time in the queue.

Example: it's now impossible to have one Tier VIII ship in battle with the rest of the ships being from Tier X. We’re planning to introduce similar improvements to the Random Battles matchmaker in future.


The Armory now offers VII Błyskawica in exchange for 51,000 Coal. This Polish destroyer flies the flag of Europe and is notable for its maneuverability, effective torpedoes, and artillery that’s quite powerful for a Tier VII destroyer. Key features:

  • Excellent speed of 39 knots.
  • An impressive pool of HP for a destroyer.
  • Seven rapid-fire 120 mm guns with a good reach and comfortable ballistics.
  • Effective torpedoes with an 8 km reach and fast reload time of 70 seconds.
  • Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage.

The Armory now offers the unique historical Commander, Nikolay Kuznetsov, who is exchangeable for 175,000 Coal and possesses the unique Emergency Reserve and Will to Victory talents, as well as the Jack of All Trades enhanced skill. A detailed description of Commander Nikolay Kuznetsov is available in the Armory.

Two Pan-Asian commanders who possess Demolition Expert and Survivability Expert enhanced skills have also been introduced in the Armory. Quán Róng is exchangeable for 35,000 Coal, and Dà Róng for 1,500 doubloons. Both Commanders come with 10 skill points and a specialization for I Chengan.

Battle Economics

The last round of changes to the interactions between aircraft carriers and AA defenses were those introduced in Update 0.8.7. The combat performance indicators of this ship type are the same as those of other ship types, but due to their gameplay peculiarities, carriers tend to earn more XP. As a result of this, we made a decision to change the amount of XP and credits that Tier VIII and Tier X carriers earn:

  • X Midway: –5% to average XP earned and +5% to average amount of credits earned
  • X Hakuryū, X Audacious: –10% to average XP earned
  • All Tier VIII carriers: –10% to average XP earned in battles that ended up in a defeat
  • All Tier X carriers: –15% to average XP earned in battles that ended up in a defeat

These changes will also affect the results that carriers demonstrate in Ranked Battles: with the same combat performance shown, the carriers will earn the same amount of XP as other ship types. As a result, the carriers' chances of keeping a star after a defeat will be no higher than those of other ships.

Content Additions and Changes

Added the Festive Cake Flag dedicated to the second anniversary of World of Warships’ release on Steam, and the 303 Squadron permanent camouflage pattern for VII Błyskawica that was created as part of the Camouflage Design Contest by player Jonbloor7 from the NA server. Details on how to obtain them will be published on the website.

Added Regia Marina emblems. They can be obtained in the same way as the emblems of other nations—you need to gain a certain number of victories playing ships of Tier VIII–X in which you are among the Top-3 XP earners.

Added content dedicated to Black Friday: VII Scharnhorst B, VII Sims B, IX Alaska B, and VIII Graf Zeppelin B. Besides that, for all Black ships including those from last year, we added commemorative flags, Commanders, patches, and backgrounds. Details on how to receive them will be published on the website.

The following ships have been added for testing by developers, supertesters, and community contributors: V Hawkins, VI Devonshire, VII Surrey, VIII Bedford, IX Drake, X Goliath, VI London, VIII Odin, and VIII Siliwangi.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Added the following categories for flags in the Exterior tab: Awarded, Commemorative, and Special.
  • Fixed the erroneous description of X Conqueror in the Port.
  • Now, besides hits by aerial torpedoes and bombs, the completion criteria for Task 3 of Mission 5 from the "Hit hard! Hit fast! Hit often!" Campaign also includes rocket hits.
  • Updated the following section names in the Armory: "Ships" renamed to "Ships for Resources" and "Premium Ships" renamed to "Ships for Doubloons".
  • It's no longer possible to mount the AA Guns Modification 1 upgrade on ships that don’t have long-range AA defenses. This upgrade will be demounted free of charge from all such ships and stored in the Inventory when the Update is released.
  • Added new voiceover languages: Chinese (Simplified, Singapore), Spanish, and Spanish (Mexico).
  • Adjusted the sound volume for a flight of aircraft when it's starting an attack approach or finishing an attack.
  • Expendable camouflage patterns are now sorted in the correct way when a player obtains or purchases them.
  • The reasons for points being added are now displayed on the point-scoring screen in the Hall of Fame after a Ranked Battle is finished. This screen isn’t displayed when a player scores 0 points.
  • When space-themed camouflages are used, except for Bionic, the sounds of the main battery reloading and fires burning will be replaced with special ones.
  • The Infernal camouflage can now be mounted on VIII Cossack.
  • Minor improvements have been made to the Infernal camouflage for various ships.
  • Updated the effects for 128 mm L/61 SK C/42 secondary battery guns
  • Fixed the position of the AA guns on destroyer VIII Kiev's hull B.
  • Fixed the position of the AA gun enclosures for VIII Kii when she has the camouflage designed by Makoto Kobayashi mounted.
  • Fixed the free look camera in battle for V Raimondo Montecuccoli and VI Trento.
  • Fixed the camera position for VIII Kaga's bombers that prevented the player from seeing the aiming reticle during an attack approach.
  • Fixed the camera position for the Signals section of the Exterior tab for III Fusilier.
  • 40 mm/39 QF Mark VIII AA guns were renamed as 40 mm/39 QF Mk VIII AA guns.
  • The auxiliary range finders for VI Trento now rotate when the main battery turrets rotate.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the relevant sound from being played when a player received a collectible item.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some voice messages from being played back when a player selected the Azur Lane voiceover modification.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled aircraft to fly through ship superstructures when the Fighter consumable was used on X Hindenburg.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the casemate and citadel athwartship armor to be mistakenly counted twice for VIII Bayard.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the display of the Engine Boost consumable’s effects for ships mounted with the Bionic camouflage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Type 3 camouflage to be mounted on Arpeggio ships when a player opted to hide the special exteriors of such ships.

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