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 |History=<!-- write text below --> |History=<!-- write text below -->
 +<div class="thumb tright">
 +<h2>''{{#var:ship_name}}'', 1944</h2>
 +:11,482 tons displacement, standard
 +:176m length
 +:18.8m beam
 +:6.5m draft (mean)
 +:two turbines, supplied by an unknown amount of boilers
 +:32 knots at 80,000 shaft horsepower
 +:Main belt: 80mm
 +:Torpedo bulkhead: 20mm
 +:Decks: 30mm citadel deck
 +:Turrets: 80mm face plate
 +:Conning tower: 150mm sides
 +:Twelve (4x3) 150mm L/60 C/25 rifles
 +:Eight (4x2) 105mm L/65 C/33 dual purpose rifles
 +:Six (6x1) 40mm Bofors guns
 +:Thirty-six (4x4 + 8x2 + 4x1) 20mm Flak38 guns
 +:Twelve (4x3) 533mm torpedo tubes
 +:One float planes, one catapult
 +According to Art.190 of the Treaty of Versailles, the German Navy was allowed to replace their capital ships after a service life of 20 years. With the six battleships approaching this age, German Naval command started design work on a new ship within the 10,000 ton limit imposed by said Treaty. This tonnage limit, allowing for less than half of the tonnage of contemporary battleships, forced the abandoning of traditional capital ship designs. One of the proposals, Panzerschiff I/10, envisioned a 10,000 ton cruiser with eight 210mm guns, very similar to the treaty cruisers that would soon be built after by numerous navies across the globe. ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' represents this design, but with an altered main battery and wartime modifications.
 +''{{#var:ship_name}}'s'' hull is 176m long and 18.8m wide, displacing 11,482t when at a standard load. For the machinery she would most likely be using wet-steam engines like the light cruisers would be using it, to develop sufficient horsepower for 31-32kn.
 +For the main battery eight 210mm L/45 guns, identical to those used on older armored ships, were to be used. These have been replaced on ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' with four 150mm L/60 C/25 triple turrets, similar to those that were installed on the ''[[Königsberg]]''-class. These allowed a 45.5kg heavy projectile to be fired at ranges up to 25.7km, at a practical rate of fire of seven rounds per minute. During WW2 modified HE shells with a time fuze were provided to allow these guns to be usedagainst aircraft as well.
 +The secondary armament was planned to consist of four single mounted 88mm dual purpose guns. As it would happen on all other German vessels, these were replaced with four 105mm L/65 C/33 twins in tri-axially stabilized mounts. This weapon fired 15.1 to 15.9kg heavy projectiles against both sea and surface targets, with stabilized mounts to compensate for ship movement.
 +While no medium and late AA armament was initially planned, most German vessels during WW2 would receive substancial AA strenghenings with late 194 marking the beginning of the Barbara-rearmament program. ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' shows this refit with a wide array of 20mm and 40mm guns.
 +The torpedo armament was initially envisioned to be eight 500mm torpedo tubes in four twin launchers, on ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' those have been replaced by four modern 533mm triple launchers.
 +Protection of ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' followed the scheme used on ''Emden'' closely. An 80mm belt was to break up incoming shells, with a 30mm strong plate between the main deck and the bottom edge of the belt catching potential splinters. A 30mm deck would provide limited protection against shellfire and light bombs. The protection for the barbettes and turrets was laid out against light shellire and splinters, with no protection against heavier shells. Strong protection was afforded however for the command posts, with a 150mm strong conning tower.
 +====Historical Inaccuracies====
 +* ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' carries no ZAG (target designator for the heavy AA batteries), which were present on all ships with the triaxially stabilized AA fire directors
 +* During wartime nameplates and crests were removed to not give away the identity of the ship, ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' however carries a nameplate
 +* The light cruisers had their torpedo armament reduced to one pair of triple launchers at most to compensate for the additional weight during modernizations, ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' goes the opposite way with a vastly increased torpedo armament
 |HistoricalGallery=<!-- write below list of files with description (if necessary) separated with | --><gallery> |HistoricalGallery=<!-- write below list of files with description (if necessary) separated with | --><gallery>

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Cruiser | Germany | Tier VII
Tech Tree Position
Purchase pricepromo Doubloons
Hit Points32,000 
Main Battery
150 mm/60 SK C/25 on a Drh Tr C/28 mount4 х 3 pcs.
Rate of Fire7.5 shots/min.
Reload Timesec.
Rotation Speed7.6 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time23.68 sec.
Firing Range14 km.
Maximum Dispersion129 m.
HE Shell150 mm Spr.Gr. L/4.4 Kz. 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1,700 
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell%
Initial HE Shell Velocity960 m./s.
HE Shell Weight45.5 kg.
AP Shell150 mm P.Spr.Gr. L/3.7 
Maximum AP Shell Damage3,900 
Initial AP Shell Velocity960 m./s.
AP Shell Weight45.5 kg.
Secondary Armament #1
105 mm/65 SK C/33 on a Dop. L. C/31 mount4 х 2 pcs.
Firing Range6.3 km.
Rate of Fire17.91 shots/min.
Reload Time3.35 sec.
HE Shell105 mm Spr.Gr. Kz. 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1,200 
Initial HE Shell Velocity900 m./s.
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shel%
Torpedo Tubes
533 mm Drilling4 х 3 pcs.
Rate of Fire0.88 shots/min.
Reload Time68 sec.
Rotation Speed25 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time7.2 sec.
TorpedoG7a T1 
Maximum Damage13,700 
Torpedo Speed64 knot
Torpedo Rangekm.
AA Defense
105 mm/65 SK C/33 on a Dop. L. C/31 mount4 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second66.4 
. . . Firing Range4.5 km.
20 mm/65 C/38 on a Flak 35 Vierling L/38 mount4 х 4 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second24 
. . . Firing Range2.01 km.
20 mm/65 C/38 on a twin mount8 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second33.6 
. . . Firing Range2.01 km.
40 mm/56 Flak 28 on a single mount6 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second45 
. . . Firing Range3.51 km.
20 mm/65 C/38 on an L/30 single mount4 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second12 
. . . Firing Range2.01 km.
Maximum Speed31 knot
Turning Circle Radius650 m.
Rudder Shift Time8.8 sec.
Surface Detectability Range13.16 km.
Air Detectability Range5.64 km.
Battle Levels

Weimar — German promo premium Tier VII cruiser.

A light cruiser that carries twelve 150 mm guns. A variant of cruiser Yorck with a different artillery composition.


Main Battery Guns Rate of Fire
180° Turn Time
Maximum Dispersion
Maximum HE Shell Damage
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell
Maximum AP Shell Damage
Research price
Purchase price
150 mm/60 SK C/25 on a Drh Tr C/28 mount7.523.681291,70083,900 00
Hull Hit Points
Main Turrets
Secondary Gun Turrets
AA Mounts
Torpedo Tubes
Hangar Capacity
Research price
Purchase price
Weimar32,00010150444/4/4/6/840 00
Torpedoes Rate of Fire
Torpedo Tubes Reload Time
180° Turn Time
Maximum Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Research price
Purchase price
G7a T10.9687.213,700646 00
Fire Control System Firing Range Increase
Maximum Firing Range
Research price
Purchase price
FKS Typ 7 Mod. 2014 00
Engine Maximum Speed
Research price
Purchase price
Propulsion: 80,000 hp31 00

Compatible Upgrades

 Slot 1  Main Armaments Modification 1 Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Magazine Modification 1 Spotting Aircraft Modification 1 Damage Control Party Modification 1
 Slot 2  Damage Control System Modification 1 Engine Boost Modification 1 Defensive AA Fire Modification 1 Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 Engine Room Protection
 Slot 3  Main Battery Modification 2 Secondary Battery Modification 1 AA Guns Modification 1 Aiming Systems Modification 1 Torpedo Tubes Modification 1
 Slot 4  Damage Control System Modification 2 Propulsion Modification 1 Steering Gears Modification 1

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