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Greetings.Ishizuchi is a wonderfull ship , tho i would like to point out the additional cannons mounted on top of the main turrets are annoying (couse of being compleatly useless).I guess the creators idea was making them AA guns.I would just like to ask if they can be by eny means brought to life as AA's becouse the 6 80mm's does not present eny kind of danger to aircrafts, and thoes additional 10 would slightly increased a chanse to scatter incomeing flyers , or if not than atleast take them off the ship.

I think that a few things must be said about this ship, as to correct some discrepancies on her Main Page: yesterday Saturday 07/05/2022 I player Ishizuchi for the first time, while I do agree on the fact that she has a very weak Anti Torpedo Protection (I almost died because the ship was hit by two Torpedoes fired by a Furutaka), and usless AA (after "eating" Furutaka Torpedoes I got hit by an AP bomb from an enemy Rhein Dive Bombers, and I was left with around 20% HP) the ship is good at killing all kinds of enemy ships, either by scoring Citadel hits with AP Shells, or by firing HE Shells, one big drawback of the ship is that while she sports 10 Main Guns in 5 twin turrets, Main Battery n°3 has ridicolus firing arcs, because it can fire aft the the ship only at distant targets, due to the fact that Main Battery n°4 is in a superfirng posistion compared to Main Battery °3,and it can only fire at certain angles on the side, because of the lifeboat that gets in the way, and even when the battery has cleared the position of the lifeboat the game dosen't allow it to fire, thus requiring the battery to rotate furter aft to be able to fire.