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Not precise, but good healing

Nagato can be a real disappointment comparse to Fuso, players coming from Fuso, that were used to obliterate anything at close range, Will find out that Nagato Main Batteries while bigger, and potentially a threat to any T6-7 Battleship, will have a hard time landing hits at any range, while they share Fuso problematic, of incapacity to hits targets at range, at close range most of the shots, when using AP, shells will just overpenetrate the enemy because the high shell arcs, and at medium range shots will mostly fall short or oveshoot the target position, with barley 2 to 3 shells hitting the target. But not everyrhing is trash, Nagato has good Secondary Batteries, that will realiably set on fire enemies, so creating a secondary build that maximize precision and fire chance is reccomended, also, by my experience on the Pubblic Test servers, Nagato has an excellent Repair Party, similar to the one used by British Battleship, but ony similar, because it do not heals well Citadel hits; and Japanese Battleship are famous for taking Citadel hits, like with Russian Battleship, it's not reccomended to espose the side to an enemy Battleship.