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AA is stronger than in the ship description

I played Saint Louis on the PT quite a lot, I really like taking the fight to everyone in range and being the star of the battle; the thing I found out is that her Anti Air is much stronger compared to the ship description, to the point that I have no trouble destroying even T10 Aircraft form any CV (but not the Super CV Eagle and United States), not only her mid and short range AA can devastate enemy planes, but her Long Range AA is double effective than what is stated in the description where it is stated that: "notably, her long-range AA is fairly weak with but three flak bursts per salvo of her 100mm batteries, and only modest burst damage." I found out that her AA has 6 flak burst per salvo, not 3, for the damage I can't express myself, because I don't pay attention to it, if planes get shot down before 3.5 Km then the Long range AA worked, otherwise I just wait for the planes to meet their doom, which is the 40mm Bofors that are renown for their effectivness in destroying enemy planes, to the point where most T10 ships still has them and some BB and Heavy Cruiser has them in great numbers per each installation; with the only exeptions of Des Moines, Worchester and Minotaur that don't have the 40mm Bofors but sports quite the number of 76.2mm AA Guns, (the super powerful ones of the T10, not those ridicolous things found on South Carolina, Wyoming and New York), that are even more proficient at taking down planes.