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Romes greatest and weathliest enemy that was destroyed after three wars spaning 118 years

When fighting Carthage their ranks will be filled with her skilled citizens, allies, mercenaries, rebels and terrorizing elephants.

Carthage is speicalized in their sword infantry, cavalry and elephants.


The man who defeated legion after legion, spent years in Italy and made Rome fear her end was near.
From ontop of an elephant or in the front of infantry this commander will find a way or make one, through the enemy.


While being less known than his brother Hannibal, Hasdrubal does not lack any skils as a great commander.
Between riders or footmen this commander will use gold to make them fight harder, but gold can also make enemies less willing to fight.

Unit rundown

Carthaginian sword infantry: Fighting with a sword is dangerous,but the promis of gold turns them into deadly foes.
Carthaginian spear infantry: Taught by the Greeks, they have made the phalanx into their own version but they are just as deadly.
Carthaginian cavalry: No matter where the riders are from, they will turn enemy bodies into a nice payment.
Javelins: Though having a shorter ranged and being few in numbers, they will make up for in damage.
Elehpants: With a mighty roar, elephants will break through almost any line and kill anyone in its way.