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?{{CeasingARENA}}+#REDIRECT [[Main_Page]]
?'''Romes greatest and wealthiest enemy that was destroyed after three wars spanning 118 years'''+
?<br />+
?<br />+
?When fighting Carthage their ranks will be filled with her skilled citizens, allies, mercenaries, rebels and terrorizing elephants.+
? +
?Carthage is specialized in their sword infantry, cavalry, and elephants.}}+
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?[[TWA:Hannibal|Hannibal]]<br />+
?The man who defeated legion after legion, spent years in Italy and made Rome fear her end was near.<br /> +
?From on top of an elephant or in the front of infantry this commander will find a way or make one, through the enemy.+
? +
?[[TWA:Hasdrubal|Hasdrubal]]<br />+
?While being less known than his brother Hannibal, Hasdrubal does not lack any skills as a great commander.<br />+
?Between riders or footmen, this commander will use gold to make them fight harder, but gold can also make enemies less willing to fight.+
? +
?'''Unit rundown'''<br />+
?Carthaginian sword infantry: Fighting with a sword is dangerous, but the promise of gold turns them into deadly foes.<br />+
?Carthaginian spear infantry: Taught by the Greeks, they have made the phalanx into their own version but they are just as deadly.<br />+
?Javelins: Though having a shorter ranged and being few in numbers, they will make up for in damage.<br />+
?Carthaginian cavalry: No matter where the riders are from, they will turn enemy bodies into a nice payment.<br />+
?Elephants: With a mighty roar, elephants will break through almost any line and kill anyone in its way.+

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