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 == Description/Introduction == == Description/Introduction ==

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This unit does not suffer from knockdowns.

What does this unit counter?

Ranged units in general, but also artillery. It can also counter melee infantry with rear charges.

Counters to this unit type

The main unit that counters cavalry is spears: they have a bonus against them and are therefore extremely effective in melee against them. They can also form a phalanx which will negate your charge and deal damage to your unit.

A pike phalanx will counter cavalry very effectively, in the same way as the Hoplite Phalanx.

Sword infantry can counter cavalry if the cavalry stays too long in melee. Ultimately, the infantry will have the advantage over the cavalry unit.
Finally, due to their low unit men count, cavalry is vulnerable to missile fire, and especially artillery.

General playstyle and general tips

Those tips can be used when playing every cavalry type listed below, but their effectiveness varies according to the type of cavalry/faction being used.

Blobbing (or the action to overlap your units into a dense block) can be used, but with care. You will deal more damage with your charge, but you will have the possibility of being trapped more easily and could easily miss some opportunities.

Spreading your units will require more management but can be proven profitable as you'll be able to support your allies everywhere on the map.



Shock Cavarly

Tier Unit name Description
T3 Theban Cavalry A well-timed charge from these horsemen can turn the tide of battle in an instant.
T4 Citizen Cavalry These noble citizens can rapidly manoeuvre around the battlefield and deliver a powerful charge,
T5 Companion Cavalry A flanking charge by these elite horsemen can devastate even the most disciplined of formations.
T6 Elite Companions The King's own horsemen are a fearsome fighting force.
T7 Agema Cavalry Eastern horsemanship combined with Greek tactics produces a swift, deadly unit of shock cavalry.
T8 Somatophylakes Second only to Alexander himself.
T9 Royal Cavalry The horsemanship and skill of the Royal Cavalry is an inspiring sight to any soldier.
T10 Hellenic Cataphracts The unstoppable force.


Heavy shock cavalry, this unit is designed to deal maximum damage with their charge. They don't have a shield, and their melee capabilities are fairly limited, which means that they need to choose their engagements carefully or/and use hit and run tactics.

Although they are more mobile than Roman Cavalry, their speed is only average (around 7-8 in general, without counting consumables)

Their targets are engaged infantry or cavalry, exposed skirmishers and isolated units. Their powerful charge allows them to nuke their enemies with a rear thus helping to punch a hole through the enemy lines.

Commanders who can play them effectively

Alexander the Great.

Alternative choices:


Roman Empire

Roman Cavalry units are armoured and can sustain a melee fight for a considerable amount of time. They are, however, fairly slow, and less mobile than the other cavalry units in the game.

Spear Cavalry

Tier Unit name Description
T5 Celeres Romulus' hand-picked cavalry, capable of a powerful charge or holding their own in the melee.
T6 Equites Weath might not make a better soldier, but it can get you a bigger horse and a sharper sword.
T7 Legionary Cavalry Native horsemanship horned by Roman discipline.
T9 Praetorian Cavalry Watch your back when the Praetorians are on the field.

Those cavalry units have good melee capabilities along with a good charge, making them very flexible in combat, able to win a melee fight and to win a charge and deal great damage.

Sword Cavalry

Tier Unit name Description
T8 Italian Noble Cavalry Rome does not have a monopoly on military skill.
T10 Legatus It takes grit and determination to rise to the rank of Legatus.

Those cavalry units are very powerful in melee, but their charge is less powerful than the other cavalry types. This cavalry unit is best used for helping to kill weak enemy units, archers. Their melee capabilities will make them hold for a time against infantry, but beware : it is still cavalry, it won't win a fight in melee against a full infantry unit !

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:


Barbarian cavalry units have 45 men in each unit. They are faster and lighter than the other cavalry units from the other units, but have less armour as a counterpart. They are therefore vulnerable to missile infantry and must use their speed to deal with that threat. Their morale damage is also lower than the other cavalry units.

Spear cavalry

Tier Unit name Description
T1 Riders Swift, lightly-armoured horsemen that charge from unexpected angles.
T2 Scouts These fast scouts can survey the landscape and unleash a sudden charge against an unexpecting enemy.
T3 Raiders These mounted raiders can attack the enemy at their weakest and escape before they can respond.
T4 Brigands Fast horsemen capable of quick, vicious charges.

Those cavalry units have good melee capabilities along with a good charge, making them very flexible.

Sword cavalry

Tier Unit Name Description
T5 Mounted Warband An aggressive cavalry unit composed of life-long warriors.
T7 Blood Riders These horsemen can drive themselves into a blood-fuelled frenzy.
T8 Niflheim Riders From Niflheim they came and to Niflheim they'll send their enemies.
T10 Noble Horse The tribe will only follow the strong.

Those cavalry units are very powerful in melee, but their charge is less powerful than the other cavalry types.

Shock cavalry

Tier Unit name Description
T6 Gungnir Chargers Mighty shock cavalry with a charge worthy of the Gods.
T9 Harbingers A rousing battle cry in the herald of the Harbingers' shattering charge.

Those shock cavalry units are very fast, even for barbarian units, and deal a lot of damage with their charge. However, their melee capabilities are poor and their charge ability has a 45s cooldown (vs 30s for other units)

Like all barbarian cavalry units, your target will mainly be skirmishers, although you cna successfully rear charge enemy units and remind them that they should protect their rear. They require more care than the other two cavalry types, but cna more deadly when used properly, defeating every enemy they face with their powerful charge.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:


Numidian cavalry

Tier Unit name Description
T5 Amazigh Riders From the desert come the Amazigh, peerless riders of the Sahara.
T8 Numidian Cavalry Trained to hit the enemy and be gone before they know it.
T10 Numidian Vanguard The ultimate thorn in the enemy's side.

Those light riders are pretty fast, lightly armoured and have a unique ability called "Numidian Throw" (see characteristics below) which allows them to throw deadly javelins to their enemy. Their melee capabilities are also average, but they compensate that weakness with their ability to successfully harass enemy units.

Carthaginian spear Cavalry

Tier Unit name Description
T6 Carthaginian Cavalry A good solid cavalry unit, despite their lack of elephants.
T7 Mercenary Hippeis Career cavalry accustomed to combat.
T9 Elite Hippeis Some of the best horsemen money can buy.

Those cavalry units have good melee capabilities along with a good charge, making them very flexible. They are also quite heavily armoured and slower than their Numidian counterparts.

Commanders who can play them effectively