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?[[File: Cynane.png|400 px|top|Cynane]]+[[File: Cynane.png|700 px|top|Cynane]]
 === '''Abilities''' === === '''Abilities''' ===

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Ability Ability's picture Description Statictics of the stock ability Statistics at tier 10
Rapid Advance Rapid Advance Faster acceleration, turning and speed. Available at tier 1

Cooldown: 60s
Duration: 10s
Movement Speed: +15%
Turn Speed: +15%
Aeccelertion: +35%

Cooldown: 30s
Duration: 20s
Movement Speed: +20%
Turn Speed: +25%
Aeccelertion: +50%

Hunt Hunt Mark abd track an enemy unit. Available at tier 3

Cooldown: 80s
Duration: 40s
Targetting Range: 95m
Enemy missisle block: -20

Cooldown: 58s
Duration: 58s
Targetting Range: 149m
Enemy Movement Speed: -10%
Enemy Missile Block Chance: -10%
Enemy Mortale: -10
Enemy missisle block: -30

Barrage Barrage Lighting fast reload speeds Available at tier 5 Cooldown: 120s

Duration: 5s
Reload Time: -65%
Armour Piercing Missile Damage: -50%

Cooldown: 70s
Duration: 6s
Reload Time: -75%
Armour Piercing Missile Damage: -20%
Range: +10%

With which units can she be played?

The main focus of Cynane is missile infantry

What is her playstyle?/How to play her?

It is no secret that Cynane ultimate is meant for archers and that she should be played with them, so she can lay low any enemy. One playstyle often seen is with slingers and not archer due to the range of the slingers, Rapid Advance and Hunt combined

Tips and tricks

When playing on your own you can take a single unit of spears to make sure you got something to make cavalry think twice before charging at you.

When in an archer fight, spread your units so you take less damage from the enemy.

Use Hunt on your opponent before using Barrage : that will reduce his missile block and prevent him from disappearing from your field of vision.

Historical context

Cynane, born c 257 BC was an Illyrian-Macedonian princess known for her independent spirit and skill in combat. She was the daughter of Philip II of Macedon and half-sister to Alexander the Great. Cynane was trained in Illyrian tradition, the martial arts, to ride, hunt, track, and fight as well as any man.

When Cynane came of age she was married to her cousin Amyntas and gave him the daughter Adea. Then Philip II was assassinated in 336 BC she urged him to take power but failed and was killed when Alexander the Great took the throne. Wary that Cynane might try for a power play Alexander tried to pleading her to Langarus, King of the Agrianian, but he died from a mysterious illness.

In 323 BC when Alexander the Great died Cynane took the chance, Alexander successor was still in Babylon by the time he died. Cynane set off with Adea and an armed entourage to force the new king to marry Adea, if this succeeded she could rule through Adea and as the daughter of Philip and half-sister to Alexander would be able to command the loyalty of Alexander's great army. The new Macedonian king Arrhidaeus was a mere pawn in the hands of the regent Perdiccas and the four rival 'successors' who had taken the command of Alexander's army.

One 'successors', Antipater, lead his army against Cynane at Strymon but lost to her superior tactics, where after she set out for Babylon. Perdiccas who feared that Cynane might succeed sent more troops led by his brother Alcetas, one who Cynane had known since childhood. Perdiccas was sure if faced with a larger army under the command of an old friend Cynane would falter and ultimate fail. When the two armies met, Cynane confronted Alcetas and delivered stinging reproached his ingratitude and disloyalty, before addressing his generals and army from the back of her horse. Cynane, not knowing how far Alcetas would go to keep his brother in power killed Cynane before she finished her speech. If Alcetas thought Cynane's death was gonna secure Perdiccas' position, he was horribly wrong as when the Macedonian army witnessed Cynane's death by their general they revolted. The Macedonian army demanded that Philip II's granddaughter, Adea, be married to Arrhidaeus. Even in death Cynane got her wish and was triumphed.