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 '''From City States to the Empire that forced Persia to its knees''' '''From City States to the Empire that forced Persia to its knees'''

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From City States to the Empire that forced Persia to its knees

When fighting the Greeks you can expect a wall of shields, spears and, pikes while supported by deadly shock cavalry is looking for their range while sling bullets and arrows fill the sky.

The Greeks are specialized in the phalanx, shock cavalry, archers, and slingers.

While being the half-sister to Alexander the Great she was no less skilled or spirited.
Leading archers or slingers, Cynane will make every man and woman paranoid. They cannot run and cannot hide.

Despite being doubly outnumbered he ambushed the Persians sending them running for their ships.
When leading infantry he will quickly outflank the enemy and strike fear into their hearts.

The Spartan King who with 1400 Spartans, Thespians and Thebans fell at Thermopylae.
Use this commander with hoplites or pikemen and few enemies will live to tell tale.

Alexander the Great
The King of Macedon who at the mere age of 32 had destroyed an empire and replaced it with his own.
With cavalry and infantry, any enemy can and will be locked in combat and be the target of a deadly charge.

Unit rundown
Greek spear infantry: Armed with a shield and spear they will defend the man to their left and make sure the shield wall holds.
Greek pikemen: Built by the Macedonians, many made the fatal mistake of attacking these head-on.
Greek archers: Recruited from all over the Hellenic world these men have deadly accuracy.
Greek slingers: These Greeks might only be armed with a sling but is far from something to laugh at.
Greek cavalry: These riders will make sure to break the enemy morale as they slam into their rear.