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Ranged Infantry

Ranged Infantry

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 == Description/Introduction == == Description/Introduction ==

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What does this unit counter?

All units if used properly.

Counters to this unit type

The main units that counters ranged are cavalry, and fast melee units (Miltiades spears, barbarians). They can catch you and charge you, dealing a lot of damage to your unit.

Finally, due to their armour, ranged infantry is vulnerable to missile fire, so to other ranged infantry. For example, slingers counter archers pretty well, and javelins counter all the other ranged infantry if they can get close enough.

General playstyle and general tips

Those tips can be used when playing every ranged infantry type listed below, but their effectiveness varies according to the type of ranged infantry/faction being used

Aim for the rear of your enemy and use Focus Fire as much as possible for maximum effectiveness.




Tier Unit name Description
T1 Mycenean Archers These archers can be used to weaken the enemy from afar, or deliver a powerful targeted volley.
T2 Archaic Archers These archers can whittle the enemy down from range until their will is broken.
T3 Ionian Archers These passionately independent Ionians will shower the enemies of Greece with deadly arrows.
T4 Toxotai No weapon is beyond the skill of a Greek.
T5 Cycladic Archers Inspired by the example of their Gods, these bowmen lose their arrows with deadly accuracy.
T6 Lesbos Archers They'll shoot you dead and then write a beautiful poem about it.
T7 Scythian Archers Archery is in these men's blood.
T8 Pontic Archers These natural archers are light on their feet and capable of long-range volleys.
T9 Cimmerian Heavy Archers Archers hardened on the edges of the world.
T10 Cretan Archers Famous above all others for their skill as archers, these men have lent their bows to some of the most legendary commanders of the ancient world.

Archers have a good range and a good damage. They can fire over obstacles.


Tier Unit Name Description
T5 Psiloi Slings are humble but deadly long-range weapons.
T6 Levy Slingers Accurate slingers capable of pelting distant enemies with showers of stones.
T7 Gymnatai Fragile, but capable of delivering volleys of stones with speed and precision.
T8 Helot Slingers These men know it is better to kill for the Spartans than be killed by them, and will throw flying stones with desperate vigour.
T9 Olympic Slingers Fast, accurate, and capable of throwing their stones incredible distance, these slingers are paragons of Greek physical perfection.
T10 Rhodian Slingers "Catch!"

Those units can hit an enemy from long range. They deal low AP damage compared to archers though. They have flat arcs of fire, which makes them unable to fire over obstacles.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:

Roman Empire

Tier Unit name Description
T1 Tirones These skirmishers pepper the enemy with javelins, then retreat to safety.
T2 Leves Agile skirmishers who can evade their opponents while peppering them with deadly javelins.
T3 Republican Skirmishers These skirmishers can harass and weaken the enemy before the main lines clash.
T4 Socii Javelineers They may not be Romans, but their javelins are no less deadly for it.
T5 Rorarii A unit of Rorarii supports the heavy infantry with deadly missiles.
T6 Velites These eager young fighters will push themselves to the limit to prove their skill and bravery.
T7 Augustan Skirmishers Among the skirmisher only the fast survive.
T8 Veteran Velites Fighting on the front lines quickly culls the weak from the strong.
T9 Elite Velites Adept skirmishers who can strike enemies from beyond their reach.
T10 Imperial Velites Never take on a man who wears a lion as a hat.


Those javelin units have a short range, but deal a lot of AP damage. They are also more heavily armoured than the other missile units.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice :


Tier Unit name Description
T3 Huntsmen With skills developed from a lifetime of hunting, these archers are accurate and deadly.
T4 Cimbri Archers Inspired by grisly rituals, these archers are ready to deliver death from afar.
T5 Archer Warband There may be less honour in the bow than the sword - but that doesn't make these archers any less deadly.
T6 Proven Archers Skilled archers who can harass the enemy from a great distance.
T7 Ambushers Kill your enemies before they even know you're there.
T8 Night Hunters You can't fight what you can't see. Shame it doesn't go both ways.
T9 Cernunnos Hunters The Hun-God blesses the arrows of this faithful.
T10 Archers of Ullr Each arrow that strikes true is a testament to Ullr's might.


Those archer units have less range than the Greek ones, but trade that for speed.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:


Tier Unit name Description
T9 Iberian Skirmishers Darting in and out of the fray, these skirmishers harass enemy lines.
T10 Boii Skirmishers Frontline troops, knowing no fear.


Fast and mobile, more than the Roman javelins, they are lightly armoured compared to them (to be checked)

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choices: