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Scipio Africanus

Scipio Africanus

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Ability Ability's picture Description Statictics of the stock ability Statistics at tier 10
War Cry War Cry Damage enemy morale and defence. Available at tier 1

Cooldown: 120s
Duration: 15s
Enemy morale: -15%
Enemy Melee Denfence: -5%
AoE: 16m

Cooldown: 70s
Duration: 20s
Enemy morale: -35%
Enemy Melee Denfence: -20%
AoE: 20m
Enemy Movement Speed: -10%

Warth of Mars Wrath of Mars A devastating charge. Available at tier 3

Cooldown: 40s
Duration: 5s
Impact Damage: +20%
Movement speed: +25%
Acceleration: +30%

Cooldown: 15s
Duration: 5s
Impact Damage: +50%
Movement speed: +35%
Acceleration: +40%
Morale: +10

Oath of Perseverance Oath of Perseverance Fight to the death. Available at tier 5

Cooldown: 240s
Moevment Speed: -40%
Melee Defence: +40%
Charge Deflect: +20%
Morale: +100

Cooldown: 85s
Movement Speed: -40%
Melee Defence: +70%
Charge Deflect: +30%
Morale: +169
Melee Attack: +10%

With which units can he be played?

It does not matter if you use cavalry or infantry, Scipio will be a deadly commander as his set of skills works well both. It can be debated that he is a bit stronger with cavalry.

What is his playstyle?/How to play him?

Both an offensive and defensive playstyle can be used, due to his cavalry can scare of enemy units and his infantry can pack a punch.

Use Wrath of Mars to deal charge damage, War Cry to rout your enemies (along with rear charges) and Oath of Perseverance in case you are surrounded.

Tips and tricks

Try using him with both cavalry and infantry so you can meet enemy infantry head on and still flank around to deal extra morale damage. If you find yourself outnumbered and help is far away, do not fear to use Oath of Perseverance to buy yourself and your allies time to save you. If the enemy morale is close to breaking use War Cry to make them route.

Oath is a great ability, but it slows you down, which could allow your opponent to flee. Use it with care.

Historical context

Born in 236 BC, Scipio Africanus would grow up to be the hero who defeated Hannibal Barca and saved the Roman Republic.

Scipio first met Hannibal, in218 BC at Ticinus River in where Scipio's father led the Roman forces. Hannibal out-flanked the Romans catching them in a trap as the other generals hesitated, Scipio led his men into battle, saving his father and the Roman army. Scipio's second clash with Hannibal would be in 216 BC at the Battle of Cannae but even that Rome suffered a humiliating defeat, with a loss of over 44.000 men.

His father took Scipio with him to cut Hannibal's supply line from Iberia but at the border, they were defeated by Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal Barca, where both Scipio's father and uncle were killed. Rome needed a decisive victory in Iberia but, after Cannae, no general would take the position. Age 24, Scipio volunteered and took 11.000 troops with him to meet Hasdrubal's army which stood over 40.000 men strong. In 209 BC Scipio laid siege to the city of Cartago Nova but with the odds against him, he managed to breach the walls and later he went on to defeat Hasdrubal and secure Iberia for Rome.

Scipio now planned to draw Hannibal out of Italy by attack Carthage itself and as Scipio invaded North Africa, made allies with the Nubian king Masinissa and defeated Syphax, Carthage strongest ally, in battle. As Scipio had expected, Carthage recalled Hannibal. In 202 BC, Scipio met Hannibal once more and as soon as Hannibal set his tactics into play Scipio countered them. Scipio had studied and learned from Hannibal's tactics after Cannae. Scipio defeated Hannibal, only lost 2.500 men where Hannibal lost 20.000 men, ending the Second Punic War.

While Hannibal escaped, Scipio returned as a hero in Rome. Scipio is remembered as a military leader, diplomatic general but none the less as a gentleman who never compromised his honour or integrity even in the heat of battle.