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?=== Here you can find each setting and what it does ===+#REDIRECT [[Main_Page]]
? +
?* Graphics: Graphics allows you to change the resolutions, gamma/brightness and the in-game look of your game.+
?* Controls: This option tab will allow to change the type and speed of the camera, locking the cursor to the window, unit dragging options, unit width, attack settings and storing battle replays.+
?* Keybindings: Here you can change the keys to whatever other keys you want. Don't forget to untick "Hide unassigned hotkeys" to see all the possibilities.+
?* Interface: In this option tab you can choose what you want to see on your screen, the minimap settings, social and a few other interface settings.+
?* Unit identifiers: Here you can custom the settings on how you want to see; your own men alongside allied and enemy troops.+
?* Audio: Adjust the speech, effects, music and master volume together with the audio quality and audio device type.+
? +
? +
?If you regret all your changes don't worry you will see an option to restore the setting back the way they were when you launched Total War: ARENA for the first time.+

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