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Spear Infantry

Spear Infantry

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What does this unit counter?

Cavalry and sword units in general.

Counters to this unit type

The main units that counter spear are pikemen, ranged and artillery: they have a bonus against them and are therefore extremely effective in melee against them. They can also form a phalanx which will negate your charge and deal damage to your unit.

A pike phalanx will counter infantry very effectively, in the same way as the hoplite phalanx.

Finally, due to their somewhat low speed, they suffer from the same vulnerabilities as sword infantry which is to missile fire, and artillery.

General playstyle and general tips

Those tips can be used when playing every infantry type listed below, but their effectiveness varies according to the type of infantry/faction being used



Spear Infantry

Tier Unit name Description
T1 Mycenaean Hoplites When arrayed in a phalanx these hoplites are a potent defensive force.
T2 Archaic Hoplites These men can form a solid phalanx that can deflect most head-on attacks.
T3 Theban Hoplites These hoplites are ready to hold the line in a solid phalanx or push forward to victory.
T4 Athenian Hoplites Maybe the Spartans can fight better, but can they compose a Socratic dialogue while skewering a Persian?
T5 Macedonian Hoplites These hoplites are exceptional defensive warriors, products of rigorous training.
T6 Foot Companions A fierce spear phalanx, well-equipped and ready to follow their commander to the ends of the earth.
T7 Agema Spears The men even the elite call elite.
T8 Sacred Band The tightest of bonds hold these men together on the battlefield.
T9 Hypaspists Elite hoplites hand-picked by one of the greatest military minds of the Classical era.
T10 Royal Spartans Come and get them.

Those medium spear units are flexible units capable of forming a great defensive Hoplite Phalanx.

Pike Infantry

Tier Unit name Description
T4 Levy Pikemen When braced, this unit should be able to resist almost any frontal assault.
T5 Theban Pikemen Few will be able to overcome a formed-up phalanx of these men, at least not head-on.
T6 Athenian Pikemen Athenian brain and brawn combine into a formidable defensive unit.
T7 Macedonian Pikemen The formation that built an empire, a bristling wall of pikes almost immune to frontal assaults.
T8 Thorax Pikemen The longer these tough pikemen stay in place, the harder they will be to shift.
T9 Hellenic Pikemen Defence perfected.
T10 Silver Shield Pikemen The immovable object.

Pike infantry can form an unbreakable (from the front) pike phalanx. However, they are weak when out of phalanx, or when attacked from the flanks in a phalanx.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:
Alexander the Great

Roman Empire

Spear Infantry

Tier Unit name Description

Although they lack the discipline of their Greek counterparts, those roman spear units can form a good phalanx to make a nearly unpenetrable wall.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:


Spear Infantry

Tier Unit name Description

They trade their lack of discipline for a more aggressive approach with their deadly spear phalanx. Like all barbarian units, they are vulnerable to missile fire.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:


Spear Infantry

Tier Unit name Description
T1 Mercenary Rabble Coin can be as effective a motivator as loyalty.
T2 Mercenary Spears Tougher and more skilled than the average mercenary band.
T3 Phoenician Warriors These well-trained Phoenicians can employ the Greek phalanx to maintain a strong line.
T4 Carthaginian Hoplites Armed levies, whipped up and ready to stab some Romans.
T5 Libyan Hoplites Hardened mercenaries with a lust for glory and a burning hate of the Roman Empire.
T6 Punic Hoplites The regular infantry of the Carthaginian army.
T7 Boii Spearmen Who needs discipline when you're this fired up by hatred of Rome?
T8 Veterans of Trebia Buoyed by victory against Romans, these veterans stand among the finest Carthaginian infantry.
T9 Veterans of Cannae Unstoppable, unforgiving killing machines, curators of the massacre at Cannae.
T10 Band of Carthage These noble warriors will go to any lengths to advance their city's cause.

Those heavy or light (depending on the tier) spearmen can form a mobile phalanx while still being able to hold a line. Their phalanx is more aggressive than the Greeks.

Commanders who can play them effectively