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 [[File:Bar_new_vercingetorix.png|700 px|top|Vercingetorix]] [[File:Bar_new_vercingetorix.png|700 px|top|Vercingetorix]]

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Ability Ability's picture Description Statictics of the stock ability Statistics at tier 10
Iron Discipline Iron Discipline Freeze your unit's morale. Available at tier 1

Cooldown: 120s
Duration: 10s
Melee Defence: +15%
Missile Block: +10

Cooldown: 90s
Duration: 40s
Melee Defence: +18%
Melee Attack: +10%
Charge Deflect: +20%
Possitive Ground Effect Modifier: +30%
Missle Block: +10%

Scorched Earth Scorched Earth Set fire to everything within an AOE(area of effect). Available at tier 3

Cooldown: 120s
Duration: 3s
Targeting Range: 30m
AoE: 9m

Cooldown: 80s
Duration: 3s
Targeting Range: 40m
AoE: 12m

Defiance Defiance Spit in the face of death, at least for a while. Available at tier 5

Cooldown: 135s
Duration: 20s
Melee Weapon Damage: +20%
Melee Attack: +20%

Cooldown: 90s
Duration: 33s
Melee Weapon Damage: +35%
Melee Attack: +35%
Melee Weapon Penetration Damage: +30%

With which units can he be played?

He can be played with any unit but his weakest is archers.

What is his playstyle?/How to play him?

Vercingetorix is a deadly commander that use hit and run tactics to deal a lot of both melee and morale damage before running away but in case he's surrounded he will defy his enemies.

Tips and tricks

If the enemy is chasing you, you can escape run into a forest as heavy armoured units will be slowed down and scorch the earth which will force them to either take a lot of damage or stop and walk around buying you time to get away.

Remember archers are weak in combat and cannot be affected by Defiance.

Historical context

The Celtic chieftain, born in 82 BC, who would later be known for defying Julius Caesar and Rome. The name of this great leader means 'Victor of a Hundred Battles'.

When Caesar, in 58 BC invaded Gaul, Vercingetorix sent out messengers to raise resistance. Most of the tribes heeded his call and Gaul erupted in a violent rebellion which Caesar mobilised to put down.
Vercingetorix burned everything in Caesar's path except for when the people of Avaricum begged him to not burn it so they could defend it against Caesar. When Caesar took Avaricum he slaughtered most of the inhabitants: only 800 people of 40.000 escaped. The massacre rallied all of Gaul and fresh recruits flocked to Vercingetorix's banner. In 52 BC Vercingetorix won over Caesar at the Battle of Gergovia and then harassed his supply lines. Caesar used Germanic horsemen who countered Vercingetorix's tactics and was forced to return to the city of Alesia.

In 52 BC Caesar laid siege to Alesia by building trenches, traps and siege towers but before they Romans finished, Vercingetorix was able to send out riders to reinforcements. When the reinforcements came they tried to break Caesar's line from the rear while Vercingetorix led his men to strike at the front. Just before the Roman broke, Caesar personally took command, rallied his men, turned the tide and defeated the Gauls who retreated.

Vercingetorix knew that he had lost and tried to save the citizens of Alesia from starving to death by riding into Caesar's camp where he took off his armour and knelt before him. His hope of saving his people failed as Caesar showed no mercy and took Vercingetorix to Rome and threw him in prison. Caesar who had laid waste to Alesia and killed its people went on to conquer Gaul. In 46 BC Vercingetorix was paraded in chains in Caesar's homecoming triumphal parade and then executed.

Vercingetorix's name lives on thanks to his courage, sacrifice and dedication to the freedom of his people and is seen as the first French hero.