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A84 M48A1

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10:15, 21 July 2018(15,807 bytes)
15:45, 1 October 2017(15,806 bytes)Fixed turret descriptions to match new turret armor buff
11:52, 10 May 2015(15,472 bytes)Waffentrager E-100 no longer has 420 view range.
04:33, 16 February 2015(15,478 bytes)
13:07, 15 February 2015(15,454 bytes)
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20:15, 12 August 2014(15,556 bytes)Removed opinion, added info camouflage and mantlet
03:08, 21 July 2014(15,365 bytes)Reverting. While the pros of wolfpacking may not be false, neither really contribute anything and the M48 is not as fast as a light, armored like a heavy, or has a TD gun.
19:49, 19 July 2014(15,365 bytes)Whittled the overlong pros/cons list down and removed some which had grown less true over time
17:26, 9 May 2014(15,644 bytes)Jiri_Starrider:na moved page Tank:M48A1 Patton to Tank:M48A1: Correct naming
06:48, 1 November 2013(15,633 bytes)Spelling and Syntax corrections
08:26, 22 August 2013(15,641 bytes)Fixed grammar, sentence construction, faulty parallelism, wordiness
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