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AMX 13 F3 AM

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10:17, 3 August 2016(33 bytes)Redirected page to Tank:F23 AMX 13F3AM
05:57, 3 February 2015(7,694 bytes)reworked pros, cons, performance sections. in TD mode, it is very bad due to lack of gun depression and massive bloom.
04:58, 1 October 2014(7,701 bytes)FV304 would probably be considered the "best" now, even with the nerfs, due to its permatrack and better speed. Also took out a few exaggerations with the arty's power.
04:50, 1 October 2014(7,806 bytes)I've found that the lack of any gun depression makes TD mode a bit harder than excellent
05:51, 10 May 2014(7,735 bytes)Jiri_Starrider:na moved page Tank:AMX 13 F3 AM to Tank:AMX 13F3AM: Correct naming
19:26, 16 March 2013(7,399 bytes)changed the "less than or equal to" sign
01:34, 17 December 2012(7,172 bytes)Only one space after a period guys :)
12:04, 17 September 2012(6,624 bytes)Gun is mounted on the centerline, not "offset" to one side as implied
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