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12:21, 20 September 2020(3,020 bytes)Undo revision 293089 by pihip:eu (talk) as this edit added no value to already given data.
12:21, 10 April 2018(4,445 bytes)Small edit on spelling
12:15, 10 April 2018(4,429 bytes)Added a lot of info to ingame performance
10:59, 28 May 2017(3,060 bytes)The previous edit added content of no value.
20:00, 22 May 2017(3,091 bytes)replaced words in all caps with lowercase
11:41, 17 November 2016(3,480 bytes)gun depression con modified (to previous editor: you shouldn't fix old info like that, right?)
04:22, 8 December 2015(3,366 bytes)Added a couple of grammar fixes
18:57, 9 September 2015(3,351 bytes)Added preferential matchmaking to pros list
10:28, 9 August 2014(2,822 bytes)corrected the compatible rammer
07:49, 8 August 2014(2,823 bytes)Reverted edits by OldTriumph:eu (talk) to last revision by ouchthathurts:sea
07:18, 26 July 2014(2,823 bytes)Pen is not sub-par; it's in the same range as the other flanking (Russian and Chinese) tier 8 mediums.
22:49, 10 May 2014(2,113 bytes)Jiri_Starrider:na moved page Tank:T-34-3 to Tank:Ch14 T34 3: Correct naming
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