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Type 5 Chi-Ri

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?|At a glance, the Type 5 Chi-Ri is not much of an upgrade from the [[Tank:Type 4 Chi-To|Type 4 Chi-To]]. It is an even larger target, has more or less the same armor, and is in most other ways similar or identical to the Chi-To. The main difference, however, is that the Chi-Ri receives an auto-loader version of the Chi-To's gun. This gun has impressive burst damage combined with a short magazine reload, which gives the Chi-Ri quite a unique play style for a tier 7 medium.+
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?* High burst damage and short magazine reload with the 7.5 cm autoloading gun+
?* Large hit point pool+
?* Excellent gun depression+
?* Good signal range+
?* Very accurate gun with short aim time and good dispersion values+
?* Can mount Gun Rammer, thats unusual for autoloader tank+
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? +
?* Poor armor, easily and frequently penetrated by artillery and HE shells+
?* Very large target with low camo+
?* Slow and sluggish for a medium tank, real top speed being about 36 Kp/H+
?* Low alpha damage on the guns+
?* Comparatively low penetration on both standard and premium rounds+
?* Turret is mounted fairly far back, this makes it difficult to come around corners without being hit.+
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? +
?Medium tank players often find this tank frustrating, since its play style quite differs from the one of classic meds. This tank is the ultimate guerrilla fighter though. Move slightly behind the other meds, letting them take the hits, and from time to time make use of the good opportunities to empty your magazine in a busy enemy, that isn't looking your way. Your combined firing and reload time is longer than even the slow firing IS: unlike other mediums who get two shots to a heavy's one, it's hard for you to trade with a heavy effectively. You're huge, and your extremely fragile hull forces you to avoid the first line under most circumstances, but your 390 burst damage hurts even big game enemies. Be aware that due to your weak armor, and frequent pauses to fire your salvo whilst scouted, artillery learn to prioritize the Chi-Ri, and as a big squishy stationary target, you often take full damage.+
?* Should have the second gun and top radio unlocked from the Chi-To, mount immediately+
?* Tracks first, as they are required to mount the turret+
?* Turret and autoloading gun+
?* Engine next, as it adds only 50 horsepower+
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