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LT vz. 38

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07:25, 18 February 2022(6,423 bytes)
07:21, 18 February 2022(6,395 bytes)Added comparison info on the T3.
15:42, 16 February 2022(6,149 bytes)Refined the Performance section -- made things a little clearer.
00:12, 16 February 2022(6,186 bytes)Rewrote the Performance section, it was too wordy or "fluffy", low information content given all that the reader has to wade through; general cleanup and the usual bullet item fixes.
19:53, 18 November 2021(6,754 bytes)Style cleanup (still needs work), updated latest tank HP, and fixed bulleted formatting.
23:29, 1 November 2016(7,262 bytes)revised the research tree for LT vz. 38
00:53, 1 November 2016(7,226 bytes)Fixed page section for LT vz. 38
05:38, 25 December 2015(6,276 bytes)Add link to Panzer 38(t), re-write History section to emphasize Czechoslovak origin
16:43, 18 December 2015(1,623 bytes)added historical info and images
10:03, 17 December 2015(278 bytes)Created page with "{{TankData|Tank= | |Gallery= |InTheGame_pros= |InTheGame_cons= |InTheGame_performance= |InTheGame_research= |InTheGame_equipment= |InTheGame_Equipment_Builds=..."
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