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10:16, 3 August 2016(30 bytes)Redirected page to Tank:F62 ELC AMX
22:35, 25 April 2016(8,415 bytes)Edited on the previous edit.
22:29, 25 April 2016(8,414 bytes)Added a con for the new physics.
04:25, 31 July 2015(8,231 bytes)"Bis" variant has five road wheels per side.
13:43, 12 July 2014(7,272 bytes)Since 9.1 max tier it meets is VIII.
22:32, 6 October 2013(7,260 bytes)corrected typo looses/loses
19:31, 31 July 2013(6,648 bytes)I have an ELC AMX. I survive KV-2 shots(with howitzer). my engine gets damaged, but I can still flank.
10:35, 26 July 2013(6,189 bytes)Remove history for further edit, add more reference links to photos.
09:51, 26 July 2013(6,547 bytes)Edit historical gallery captions.
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