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?{{TankData|Tank= +#REDIRECT [[Tank:G112_KanonenJagdPanzer_105]]
?| The Kanonenjagdpanzer is somewhat like a cross between the E-25 and the Ru 251. It is fairly fast and maneuverable, although very lightly armored. With fairly low penetration you'll have to use the gun's accuracy to hit weak spots. One thing to note is that it has a low rate of fire, so trying to out-DPM another TD is a no-no. But it can, in some cases, flank due to its speed and maneuverable.+
? +
?The Kanonenjagdpanzer hasn't been released for sale ''yet'', but it should be out soon due to the fact that the Jagdtiger 8.8cm is being removed from the store.+
? +
?|Gallery= +
? +
?|InTheGame_pros= +
?* Fast, the second fastest TD in the game.+
?* Low profile.+
?* Good accuracy.+
?* Low aim time.+
?* Good traverse speed, able to keep up with some flankers.+
? +
?|InTheGame_cons= +
?* Very low view range.+
?* almost no armor.+
?* Poor acceleration for its top speed, although not quite as bad as the Hellcat.+
?* Low rate of fire.+
?* Low penetration.+
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?|InTheGame_performance= +
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?|InTheGame_research= +
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? +
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?|External_Reviews= +
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?|History= +
?The Kanonenjagdpanzer (also known as Jagdpanzer Kanone 90mm, or tank destroyer, gun) was a German Cold War tank destroyer equipped with a 90mm anti-tank gun from obsolete M47 Patton tanks. Its design was very similar to that of the World War II Jagdpanzer IV.+
?|HistoricalGallery= +
?File:Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F027421-0002, Kanonenjagdpanzer (KanJPz) - Jagdpanzer Kanone 90 mm.jpg+
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