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G.W. Tiger

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?[[image:GWTiger.png|160px|GW Tiger firing at the enemy position]]+image:GWTiger.png{{!}}GW Tiger firing at the enemy position
?[[File:GW tiger front view 1.jpg‎|160px|GW Tiger front left view]]+image:GW tiger front view 1.jpg‎{{!}}GW Tiger front left view
?[[File:GW tiger front view 2.jpg‎|160px|GW Tiger front right view]]+image:GW tiger front view 2.jpg‎{{!}}GW Tiger front right view
?[[File:GW tiger back view 1.jpg‎|160px|GW Tiger back left view]]+image:GW tiger back view 1.jpg‎{{!}}GW Tiger back left view
?[[File:GW tiger back view 2.jpg‎|160px|GW Tiger back right view]]+image:GW tiger back view 2.jpg‎{{!}}GW Tiger back right view
 }} }}
 {{History|info=  {{History|info=
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 {{Panel Gallery|Historical Gallery| {{Panel Gallery|Historical Gallery|
?[[image:GWTigerinside.jpg‎|160px|Inside of GW Tiger]]+image:GWTigerinside.jpg‎{{!}}Inside of GW Tiger
 [[image:GWtiger1.jpg‎|160px]] [[image:GWtiger1.jpg‎|160px]]
 [[image:GWTiger2.jpg‎|160px]] [[image:GWTiger2.jpg‎|160px]]

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G45 G Tiger/Sidebar


The GW Tiger is a German tier 7 self-propelled gun. With its largest gun, this massive artillery hits for roughly 2,000 damage, but fires at only 1.7 rounds/min. Due to its large damage output, the GW Tiger is one of the most feared artillery on the field. Following the tradition of the other German artillery, the GW Tiger is fairly mobile (although noticeably less so than the Hummel or GW Panther) for its size and is capable of speeds of up to 35 km/h.

The GW Tiger leads to the GW Typ E.

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Historical Info

In 1942, Krupp received orders to design a vehicle (Waffenträger) using the Tiger II’s components, which was to be part of the Grille Series. It was to be able to mount the 170mm K 72 L/50 gun and designated Grille 17. It was ordered that its weight should be 53 to 58 tons. It was also planned to convert the Grille 17 into the Grille 21, armed with 210mm Mortar 18/1 L/31. Next in the series was the Grille 30. It would be armed with the Skoda 305mm GrW L/16 mortar. Additionally, project Grille 42 was under development and was to be armed with the 420mm Grw mortar. In 1943/44, Krupp started production of the prototype, while full-scale production was to start in mid-1945, but the end of the war canceled any further development. Grille 17/21/30/42 had its armament mounted on the rail platform inside the hull, allowing it to be dismounted anytime. Each variant was also armed with two 7.92mm machine guns. It would be operated by the crew of eight (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Radio Operator, and four Loaders). Powered by the Maybach HL230P30 or HL230P45, the Grille would be able to travel at a maximum speed of 45 km/h with a range of 250km. Fuel capacity was to be 1000 liters. The Grille was 13 meters long (with gun), 3.27 meters wide, and 3.15 meters high. Its armor protection ranged from 16mm (side) to 30mm (front). The Grille 17 weighed 58,000 kg, but only carried 5 rounds of ammunition. The Grille 21 weighed 52,700 kg and carried only 3 rounds of ammunition. One prototype with a 170mm gun was almost completed in May of 1945, and was captured by British troops at Haustenbeck near Paderborn.

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