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Tiger (P)

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18:23, 7 January 2021(14,055 bytes)
06:19, 4 January 2020(15,408 bytes)The hatch is the little door on top. The cupola is the actual structure that is being referred to.
08:20, 10 July 2019(15,400 bytes)Spelling mistakes corrected
16:40, 18 July 2018(14,648 bytes)removed broken link
16:46, 4 November 2016(14,436 bytes)War gaming with introducing the s tank you made it go just as fast in reverse as forwards. The Vk P were also able to do this. It would be a really nice feature if you added it to the game. You want to be historically accurate without breaking the game right?
22:34, 2 November 2016(14,286 bytes)Tiger p and ferdinand shoud have a far higer reverse speed since their unique power plant allowed it
08:40, 9 August 2016(14,218 bytes)Created from Tank:PzVI_Tiger_P
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