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Cruiser Mk. I

Cruiser Mk. I

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{{TankData This tank is rather slow, with a top speed of only 40 km/h, and it is certainly not agile either. Combined with its weak armor, you will die quickly if caught in the open. However, this tank does have an excellent stock gun, accurate and fast-firing. You can also use the 40mm Pom Pom gun which fires a two-burst shot, but it is only suited for close range. And given the Cruiser Mk. 1's armor values, close quarter fights are not advisable. Plus, the stock gun has better penetration and the same damge values, therefore you have no real reason to want to spend money on the 40mm. This tank can be very rewarding when played in a support role, staying behind the front line and supporting the main force by picking off enemy tanks with its rather accurate gun.


|InTheGame_pros= Very good stock gun

|InTheGame_cons= Very weak armor Lacks agility


|InTheGame_research= Research the suspension and engine first, to help your bad mobility You might want a good radio to know where it is that your allies need fire support Go from there