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11:44, 30 June 2019(18,788 bytes)
20:03, 8 May 2015(18,078 bytes)Fixed graphic link for Enhanced Gun-Laying Drive in Suggested Equipment section
00:07, 8 May 2015(18,079 bytes)Ive found through playing this tank that the gunner is rather vulnerable
16:24, 20 October 2014(18,041 bytes)Reverted: answer: because of the implications of the heading, and choice of location. While the information is likely to be accurate *in this particular instance,* in general the critique of the selection of available modules for a given vehicle is counterproductive, not least because such availability may not be based on publically available information. To avoid such problems, 'historical accuracy' or similar such sections are discouraged. Others will be removed as they are encountered.
13:11, 20 October 2014(18,195 bytes)please explain why this was historical info was removed
10:13, 15 October 2014(18,099 bytes)historical gallery; that's a Comet, not a Cromwell
09:34, 9 September 2014(18,300 bytes)Switched the suspension upgrade to precede the engine upgrade.
18:28, 7 September 2014(18,252 bytes)The only tier 6 mediums that can use a vert stabs are the Americans, so the Cromwell's lack of this capability is not really a disad.
03:14, 16 August 2014(18,240 bytes)Translation error - Changed "Tower" to "Turret" under InTheGame_cons
15:12, 8 July 2014(18,239 bytes)Made small changes to the Pros and Cons and Early Research sections.
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