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19:23, 25 August 2020(9,633 bytes)
19:20, 14 February 2015(8,742 bytes)Seriously, that's literally every thin-skinned tank in the game and there's no extra-high chance in the Comet. Arguably less of a problem than some tanks, as the width is larger that other thinskinned tanks for the driver to be missed in. Also fire chance isn't special either.
20:55, 2 September 2014(8,732 bytes)The same as every other tier 7 medium tank. This is no special to the Comet.
23:35, 24 July 2014(8,352 bytes)Being matched up to same tier heavies is an advantage for a medium.
17:55, 9 May 2014(8,350 bytes)Jiri_Starrider:na moved page Tank:Comet to Tank:GB22 Comet: Correct naming
03:45, 4 May 2014(8,334 bytes)ForcestormX:na moved page Comet to Tank:Comet
20:44, 2 May 2013(8,082 bytes)mantles aren't part of a tank, mantlets are.
21:36, 4 March 2013(7,851 bytes)image added to gallery
11:28, 25 February 2013(7,306 bytes)I just wanted to add that it also is a good support tank my frist edit :D!
06:46, 24 December 2012(6,723 bytes)Added source for History section
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